Hair Breakage :- causes and ways on how to prevent it

When your hair strands start to fall off as a result of excessive Hair breakage then you know you are in for it.

Hair breakage can be caused by several factors, which I will be discussing in today’s article.

In this article, I will be looking at hair breakage as a whole. The likely causes, solutions, and how to prevent and reduce it

What is Hair breakage

Hair breakage occurs when your hair experiences excess dryness which causes it to break off.

The conditions and nature of your hair hurt if it will be prone to breaking.

As part of the natural phenomenon, it is expected that you shed your hair once in a while. But when it becomes in excess then there is a problem which must be looked into.

After knowing what hair breakage is let’s see the likely causes.

How do you know if you are experiencing Hair breakage

If when ever you try to brush or your comb through your hair and you notice excess fall outs from your hair you are definitely experiencing it.

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Very thin, light and dry hair are more prone to breaking because they cannot withstand pressure.

Causes of Hair Breakage

Causes of Hair Breakage.
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As being introduced earlier when you experience hair breakage in excess, there must be a cause for it. Causes of hair breakage include the following

Hair regime

Using the wrong hair care routine for your hair can damage your hair entirely. When you brush and comb your hair in a very aggressive manner it causes hair strands to break off.

Also using the wrong hair products on your hair at the very wrong time can damage your hair.

For example, sleeping on a cotton fabric rather than a silk fabric damages your hair strands. It does this by increasing the amount of dryness by reducing moisture on the hair.

Instances when you are fond of making very tight hair that pulls off your hair from its roots also cause it.

The type of hairstyles being Made6also affects your hair strands. For example, making protective hairstyles can help prevent your hair from breaking in excess.

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Subjecting your hair to excessive heat can damage your hair a lot. The frequent use of hair straighteners and curling iron on your hair damages your hair.


The type of diet you consume can contribute to you shedding your hair in excess. When your diet is found lacking some Essential things it goes back to your hair.

You should consume diets rich in iron, zinc, and folic acid as they help improve hair growth.

Hormonal changes

Changes in the levels of your hormones can cause your hair to fall off in excess too.

Records have it that some women while in periods and during pregnancy tend to experience and increased hair loss.

Also, hypothyroidism can contribute to the falling off of hair. This condition causes your hair to fall off with time.

Stress levels

When your body is experiencing stress it affects your hair growth and health too.

Your stress levels affect your hair a lot, when you are so stressed out it shows on your hair.

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Excessive washing and processing

When you over-wash your hair it damages the nature of your hair. Excess washing reduces the oil content of your and sebum content.

This subjects your hair strand to excess drying and causes the hair strands to fall and break off.

How to prevent hair breakage

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  • Avoid washing your hair more frequently. It makes your hair more prone to hair breakage.
  • Reduce your frequent use of heat on your hair. It damages your hair.
  • Wear more protective hairstyles, as it prevents hair breakage.
  • Always wear satin bonnets on your hair when going to bed.
  • Ensure you always eat a well-balanced diet.
  • Use organic products that more friendly to your hair.

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