Hairstyle inspiration for you to choose from this month of July


Are your running out of Hairstyle inspiration to choose from this month?. Well I know how that must feel like.

Wearing a particular hairstyle for too long can sometimes make you feel bored of it and then the need for new inspiration comes up.

Also with the festive season around too one needs help with finding new hairstyles to choose from

But a situation where you have many hairstyles to choose from but don’t know which one matches your face shape.

This article brings to you hairstyle inspiration that have been carefully chosen to match with different face types.

Hair style inspiration you can choose from


Braids is one hair style that can and will never go old. I am more of the opinion that it advances over time. A more new and improved styles and ways of making them comes up.

When it comes to braids there are different types, styles and ways of making them. Examples of some braid hairstyle inspiration includes : Box braid, Knotless braid, Passion braid , small to medium sized braids and many more.

Medium sized braids
source: Pintrest
Knotless braid.
Source : Pintrest
Box braid
source : Pintrest
Passion braid.
Source : Pintrest


This is popular called Gahanna braiding in Nigeria and Gahanna. This type of hair style inspiration is perfect for most face types.

It can be weaved into different types of styles that will match your face. A very distinctive thing about this hairstyle is that it has the ability to make you look so much younger.

Here are some Gahanna hairstyle inspiration you could choose from to go with your face.

Source : Google
Source : Google
Source : Google
Source : Google


The flat twist became a trend in around 2019,its more of a braided twist lying flat.

One very beautiful thing about this hairstyle is that it is very easy to maintain and also is a protective hairstyle too.

Here are some flat twist ideas you can choose from.

Source pintrest
Photo credit : pintrest
Image from pintrest
Source pintrest


Like earlier discussed above, this is very similar to braids only that it is made with twist. The twist hairstyle can be rocked on any type of face shape.

Twists are long-lasting and also very easy to make and maintain too.

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