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Natural hair or hair in general to every woman is her pride and beauty and there is nothing more satisfying than having a crown of naturally healthy hair; so if you notice breakage instead, it could be disappointing. Having hair breakage, brittle or hair damage in general, could weaken your hair strands and could limit you to a certain kind of style when you would want to explore other styles. Luckily enough, there is a solution to these problems so if you find yourself in a confused state, these tips are sure to help you get your hair on track.

But before I go further, you should note that the amount of care you give to your hair determines how healthy your hair becomes. For you to grow healthy hair, you should be able to care for it. You might think growing healthy natural hair is expensive but the truth is that there are also inexpensive ways to grow healthy natural hair and also care. Read further to find out.

care for your hair

Firstly, you need to know the culprit of your hair damage. It could be overstraining the hair, overheating the hair dry, or washing the hair almost every day and this could cause some damages to the hair. You might think that you are taking care of the hair by washing it almost everyday, you might have the best of intentions for the hair, it is actually causing more damage. This is because you are stripping the hair of its natural oil and leaving the hair extra dry and prone to flaking. So if you notice that you are starting to shed your hair at a frightening rate, then you need to double-check or evaluate your hair care routine.

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Heat damaged hair

The do´s of caring for your natural hair


Having a healthy wash day routine is the first step to caring for your hair. Over-washing your hair daily or more will cause more damage to the hair because by doing this you are striping the hair off its natural oil and by so doing, the scalp starts to oil and when this happens, the hair starts to get more greasy, start to thin out and it becomes weaker and this could make it fall out easier. However, if you have short hair, you might be able to get away with frequent washing as short hair don’t undergo as much hair as long hair. So the safest time to wash your hair is every 2-3 weeks.

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Deep conditioning your hair is very important to your hair because it helps the hair replace the moisture lost from everyday wear and tear. It also reduces the chance of brittle and hair breakage. As for me; I like to use aloe vera by extracting the gel directly from the plant whisk the gel to my satisfaction, and then use. Aloe vera could either be used as a leave-in conditioner of a deep conditioner. If after this you still feel your hair is dry, you can add the oil treatment to your deep conditioning. You could apply hot oil at the scalp after rinsing off the conditioner.

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One thing you must not do is to try to detangle on dry hair. You could either detangle your hair when your hair is full of conditioner and wet or when you are in the shower. Be gentle while detangling and detangle from the tip/bottom to the root. It is also essential to have the right tools to detangle

Detangle with care to avoid hair damage

When hair damage starts, it usually starts from the hairline as it is the finest and softest part of your your hairline is a very important part of your hair that should not be neglected. So to avoid hairline damage, keep your hairlines moisturized.


To maintain your natural hair, make sure to wear a protective hairstyle i.e. a style that wouldn’t cause more damage to your hair but rather help it.

Remember, every hair is unique and has its own properties. Do not compare your hair with anybody’s own. Care for your hair and expect your hair’s maximum result.

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