How Baba Ijesha Allegedly Defiled My Child – Comedienne, Princess


When the news of rape allegation of a minor by popular Nollywood Yoruba actor, Olarenwaju James, popularly known as Baba Ijesha came to the public domain, a lot of people find it out to believe what they heard. The news was visited by several reactions, some were behind Baba Ijesha while others were heartbroken by the emotional trauma the 14-year-old girl and her family will be facing. However, there were so many questions begging for answers.

To start with, many people want to know the parents of the girl and how is it possible that she will be molested for seven years without their knowledge.

On Wednesday, April 28th, 2021 the identity of the girl’s mother was revealed when well-known Comedienne, Princess’s took to her Instagram page to let the public Know that the girl in question was her adopted child.

The heartbroken Princess , soaked in tears advised parents not to trust their children with anyone while narrating what actually happened.

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She said; “After the crash of my marriage, some parents allowed about six children in number to live with me so I would not be lonely. I was also helping Baba Ijesha while taking care of the children.”

“It was during one of his visits to my house that he molested one of the three girls living with me. The defilement had an adverse effect on the child as she began to decline academically and otherwise.”

“After seven years, the girl told me and someone else what Baba Ijesha did to her after she saw him in a movie. I called him for a meeting in the house where I set up a CCTV camera where he was captured trying to molest the girl again.”

“I left the house and told him to relax I’ll be back soon, immediately I left he searched my house to see if anyone was in aside the girl and later proceeded to defile her.”

“I can’t even disclose the things he did while I was monitoring on my phone but immediately I saw her stand up to the kitchen where there was no camera I and the police entered the house and arrested him.”

“I queried Baba Ijesha, demanding why he did such a thing to her and he confessed ‘It was the Devil’.”

“I call out those who are accusing me of trying to tarnish his image. I wondered why people will demand that the video of minor being molested be shared to the public.”

See also the video below…

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