How do you know if your voice is good for singing?


A lot of novice singers are unsure of how to determine whether their voice is good for singing.

As much as we hear wonderful voices out there every day, we are not always able to identify whether our voice is harmonic.

Before we start talking about how you get to know your voice better, remember that, like everything else in life, singing well is also a matter of training.

This means that it is possible to train and develop your skills to sing better and better.

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Check out 5 tips on how to know if your voice is good for singing:

1. Record your voice

The first thing you can do is to record a song with a quality microphone. The way we hear our voice is not always how it is perceived by other people.

So, for you to hear yourself from this new perspective, recording is the ideal solution.

If you don’t have a good microphone, use your cell phone’s recorder. However, remember that the quality of the device is compromised.

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2. Put the background music

To better understand your voice, the idea is that you record the song in two ways: with and without the background music.

After all, without any noise behind, you can hear the way you sing better. However, with the background music, it is easier to notice differences in the notes and even when you tune.

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3. Know your vocal extension

Another tip on how to know if your voice is good for singing is to identify your vocal range. This term encompasses the musical notes that your voice can reach, that is, how high or low you can sing.

To identify the vocal range, you will need a professional who specializes in vocal mapping.

It may seem superfluous, but the truth is that this is a very important point for those who want to learn to sing well.

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After all, the extension allows you to adapt songs to your tone and sing with peace of mind, without running the risk of hurting your throat.

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4. Sing in public

If you are a shy person, you probably read this subtitle and panicked. But calm down! Here, we are not talking about large crowds.

The tip is to introduce yourself to a person or even a small group of people so that you have an unbiased opinion on your voice.

As we mentioned above, the way we hear ourselves is not always the way other people receive our voice. So, when singing in front of someone, you will have a better idea of ​​what singing sounds like.

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5. Keep learning

Finally, we need to remember that even if you conclude that you don’t have a good singing voice; it doesn’t mean you can’t learn.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. With music, this is no different.

When you start to study singing, you develop new techniques of auditory perception, voice propagation, rhythm, and much more. That is, it is possible to improve your skills until you become an excellent singer.

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For that, all you need is a will, discipline, and a lot of persistence. So, find a music teacher today to begin your journey.

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