HOW MUCH OF WINE DO YOU KNOW? The oenophile’s checklist


sometimes the understanding of life experiences can be drawn from even the tinniest bit of nature

According to Paul Coelho: “ accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle”.  Paul Coelho from the aforementioned links life experiences with the drinking of wine. He goes on to imply that the beauty of life lies in its variety and diversity of experiences.He does so by stating that some (experiences) are meant to be sipped while others are meant to be enjoyed.  Therefore, is there a correlation between life experiences and wine?


Sometimes, the understanding of life experiences, can be drawn from even the tiniest bit of nature. Life to the athlete is a race, while to the oenophile, it is like wine to be enjoyed.

wine is an alcoholic drink, gotten from the fermentation of sugars, present in grape juice using yeast(saccharomyces cerevisae). There are over and about 1300 varieties of grapes used in its production, of which the most popular, is  the Cabernet Sauvignon. Others include- Merlot, Airen etc. 

Vintages , are those produced from grapes cultivated in the same year. It is also essential to note that they could be produced, as a blend of different varieties of grapes, and could be taken in combination with meals. However, to get the best wine-to-meal combination, the services of a sommelier (wine expert) is advised. A couple of other functions, involve its use which is not necessarily drinking ;for example, wine soups could be prepared from it etc. The word wine, is gotten from the proto-Germanic word “winam” which means grape.

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Types of wine

  • Red : this is the popular alcoholic wine, gotten from dark grapes. It is red because Its wort (juice), is drawn in such a way that it has contacts with the skin of the grapes .This gives it its color, aroma and partly its bitter taste.
  • White : this is gotten from Green or yellow grapes, as opposed to red, gotten from dark grapes. It could also be gotten from dark grapes, provided the wort is not allowed to have contacts with grape skins. Champagne bottles are said  to contain more pressure than a car tire. Some particular white varieties tend to have more bubbles, due to the amount of carbon dioxide trapped in them under pressure.
  • Rose´: the rose’, is the gray area of the white and red because it is pink. It is produced by allowing the wort have little contact with grape skins.
  • Fruit : they , are gotten from other fruits apart from grapes. The only thing is that, not all fruits contain enough fermentable sugars and acidity, as the grapes.
  • Dessert : they are mostly taken after meals, and also sweet in taste, due to the abundant amount of unfermented sugar present in it.
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The above facts, give a summarized detail of the types there are. While it is beautiful to know the types, it is also essential to note some tips about it. Wines are poured to about one-third of the glass, to allow for the escape of its fragrance to be easily savoured. It is also twisted and turned in the cup to achieve same process through proper aeration. There are about two to three processes involved in its tasting which are: pouring into the cup, shaking the cup slightly for aeration, savouring the aroma, and then drinking.  According to Napoleon Bonaparte: “in victory you deserve champagne. In defeat you need it”.  The concept of wine goes beyond its production and drinking, it’s a culture that goes beyond its assimilation.

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