How to achieve a beautiful sleek bun with hair extensions


The sleek bun can be rocked on any type of natural hair either long or short hair. It is a hairstyle that is very versatile, quick, and very easy to do and maintain too.

The present time we are Africans, the ladies tend to appreciate their natural hair more. This has increased the need for more awareness on more protective hairstyles that will be good for your natural hair.

Protective hairstyles are styles that are friendly and less destructive to the texture of natural hair. Talking about protective hairstyles the sleek bun happens to be one.

This hairstyle is very easy and quick to do as it requires little materials needed for it. Other than that it is also very easy to install and maintain too.

The Sleek bun can be rocked on any type of natural hair. Also, it can be worn out to any occasion from weddings to work, to casual meetings and a night out.

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Advantages of making the sleek bun hairstyle

Source : Pintrest
  • This hairstyle is very easy to make
  • Less expensive materials are needed for this, making it not expensive
  • It is not painful unlike the conventional braids
  • Very easy to rock and maintain
  • This can be rocked by any type of natural hair either long and short
  • The sleek bun does not damage the hair texture and still retains the hair length
  • It is one of the best protective hairstyles to make
  • It can also be slayed effortlessly

How to make the sleek bun

Source : Pintrest

As mentioned earlier this hairstyle can be rocked by all types of natural hair either long, medium or short length.

The major trick of ensuring that your bun last longer is to ensure your hair is well cleaned and moisturized.

Materials needed

  • Hair moisturizer
  • Hair bands
  • Bobby pins
  • Styling Gel
  • Satin scarf
  • Afro hair ( optional – depends on the length of your hair)
  • Spray gel
  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Hair brush
  • Edge control
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Steps in achieving the sleek bun hairstyle

The first step is to start by moisturizing your hair. A very helpful tip is to work in sections, partition your hair and work from the roots to the top.

The second step is to comb through your hair properly using your wide tooth comb. This will help reduce any tangle on your skin.

The third step is to Put your hair into a bun. Start by working with the center of your crown. Brush the remaining parts of the hair into a sleek bun and tie it down using a hair band to secure it.

The fourth step is to apply your styling gel to your bun and brush it up using your hair brush. Using your edge control lay down your edges well.

The fifth step is to attach the afro hair to the base of the bun and secure it with your Bobbi pins. Spray your hair with your spray gel, this will help lock and keep the hair in place.

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Lastly tie down the hair with your satin fabric for a more sleek effect. This will help lay your hair down properly. After 1 – 2 hours loosening the scarf and your sleek bun is ready.

For a more guided tutorial on this you can check this video out

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