How to choose an ideal musical instrument to study


What is the ideal musical instrument for me? How do you choose a musical instrument to study?

Here we are not going to pass a musical instrument vocational test or anything like that, but just how to choose the instrument that you are going to play and that you have taste and drive when studying.

There are cases of students who start studying piano because their parents think it’s beautiful or who play guitar because their father or mother also plays and so they spend some time to find out which instrument they want to be their main one.

Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from learning to play two or more musical instruments.

But we want to help you not get stuck on a road until you find the right direction.

How do I choose an ideal musical instrument to study?

Here we list some relevant points to choose the musical instrument to study.

1. Sound; the sound you like

What makes your heart flutter? The sound of a distorted guitar, making wild solos? Is it the sound of a guitar-strumming or making a beat? Or a piece of classical music on the piano? Or do you vibrate to the drums?

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This is the first step to discovering the ideal musical instrument.

Wave, Sound, and Music

2. Motive: Why did you want to play a musical instrument?

What songs inspire you? Is there any that made you want to play an instrument? Maybe listening to a singer or band made you want to play? Which instrument caught your attention?

Pay attention to that too.

Listen to New Song by Joe Satriani's '80s Band Squares: Premiere

3. What is the ideal musical instrument: strings, keys, percussions, wind?

What kind of instrument appeals to you the most? Are the string ones like guitar and bass? Or wind instruments such as flute, piccolo, clarinet?  It could be a Percussion like drums, or Key instruments like piano or keyboard.

Musical Instruments ( Read ) | Physics | CK-12 Foundation

4. Play and sing or just play?

Do you intend to play and sing at the same time? In this case, the ideal instruments would be guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboard, piano, etc. Wind instruments such as flute, melodica, etc., would be impossible for this purpose.

There’s also a catch for instruments like the drums: you need to master your coordination well. But nothing is impossible in this case.

In the case of guitar, or guitar and keyboard, they are easier to play and sing at the same time. Now, if your goal is just to play, then any musical instrument can be considered.

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Handsome young latin man playing piano and singing into microphone —  podcast, male - Stock Photo | #197737456

5. Instrument size; portable or not?

There is another thing to take into account here, which is the choice of instrument size. If your goal is to play in performances and concerts, then a piano will suit you well, but it is important to know how you will transport it or have one where you are going to play.

If you intend to come and go to rehearsals, playing in various places, etc., a more portable instrument would be ideal: guitar, keyboard, etc. But, of course, taking into account the other items we mentioned here.

It’s of no use wanting a more portable instrument if what you want is to play classical music. Likewise, it’s of no use wanting a bigger musical instrument if your goal is to play frequently or study in one place or another.

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6. Your budget

We have to be realistic, don’t we? It’s no use saying that your ideal instrument would be a piano and you don’t have the necessary financial value for that right now. You can go the other way and learn to play the keyboard, for example.

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So, review your budget to see if the instrument you want will fit into it. There is still a way to use used musical instruments, but it is important to take someone who understands when seeing the instrument. Avoid purchasing a used instrument online if you don’t know what you’re doing. Ask for help from someone who has more knowledge of musical instruments.

Also, don’t forget that some instruments require accessories such as the guitar where you will need an amplifier. Take this into account when making the budget.

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All of the points discussed above are good tips to determine an ideal musical instrument for you. Let us conclude with this, another tip is to take a test. That’s right, test.

But how so?

If you can, take a friend’s guitar, another friend’s keyboard, church drums, etc., and play a little. Then take a break, a few days, and see which one appeals to you the most. Which one did you miss?

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