First date in sight and you don’t know how to dress? Here are some tips and some tips to not “make mistakes”, but above all to feel good about yourself and enjoy the moment!

The emotion is there every time you go out with someone you have a crush on. But the first date is a story in itself. The excitement is sky high and goes hand in hand with an avalanche of doubts. From the choice of the seat to that of the topics of conversion, passing through the dilemmas on what to order(and what not) , up to the fateful decision on the kiss at the end of the evening , the “first date” is a real obstacle course. But deciding how to dress is probably the biggest dilemma, because ” There is no second chance to make a good first impression “.

In reality, a look that is not exactly right may not make the guy you like escape. But it is true that appearance matters. So what can you do to make your mark? In a positive way, of course . The only rule (if you can call it that) is to be yourself , the rest depends on the context and… on the season!

What to put on a first date in the summer

In some ways, the choice of look for the first date in the summer is easier (and gives more satisfaction), but this does not mean that it does not hide pitfalls. Of course, there is no need to think about the jacket, although in the evening it is always a good idea to have a shirt or jacket with you. But there is the risk of “exaggerating” . In other words, it is one thing to be sexy, another to be vulgar.

On the first date (but not only), choose a balanced outfit . If you want to focus on the neckline, maybe avoid the mini crotch and vice versa. Similarly, if you choose a top with a bright color or an “important” pattern, combine it with a pair of trousers or a solid color skirt. The same goes for accessories. In general, a few jewels and shoes and a bag to contrast with the look are better. That is, if your outfit is minimal, you can dare a bag of “character”, extravagant sneakers or sophisticated sandals. In the latter case, do not overdo the centimeters if you are not used to walking in heels and if your he is as tall as you or even less.

Two other things you need to take into account when deciding what to wear are the time and place of the appointment . Do you see each other during the day or in the evening? Is the rendezvous in an elegant place or in an informal one? If you and your boyfriend meet for lunch, in a bistro or in a trattoria, you can opt for a bon ton suit or for the great classic dark blue jeans and white shirt. If, on the other hand, the appointment is in the evening, for a trendy aperitif or a candlelit dinner, a cocktail dress or an elegant suit are for you.

To complicate your life (a bit) it may be your boyfriend’s decision to surprise you. In this case, you can ask him for an indicative dress code . Alternatively or if the boy keeps his mouth sewn up, the only solution is to focus on a basic passepartout outfit . Start with a pair of black cigarette or palazzo trousers and combine a sophisticated t-shirt or blouse for the day and a silk top or shirt (perhaps with a slightly sophisticated buttoning or collar) for the evening.

What to put on a first date in winter

The general “rules” for the first date in winter are the same as those for the first date in the summer, but there are a few more elements and some “adjustments” to take into account for the season.

The first big difference is that in the colder months you have to consider wearing something “on top”. The choice of outerwear should not be underestimated , because in all respects it is the first thing of your look that your companion will see and notice . So, even if the oversized down jacket for you is a second skin from autumn to spring (…), consider replacing it with a coat or jacket with a “contained” volume. The same goes for amphibians, boots with a tank and company. Let me be clear: nothing prevents you from wearing them. On the contrary. But as in summer, even in winter the context of the appointment acts as the watershed between the looks .

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An advantage of the colder months is that you can show off maxi cardigans and oversized pullovers with skinny pants and a pair of boots and be perfect for a rendezvous at lunch or at the cinema. And then, winter is the season of the little black dress , the passepartout dress par excellence. The little black dress or one of its many variations can be combined with different shoes and accessories in an infinity (or almost) of perfect outfits for any occasion.

The cold season also allows you to show off hats and scarves , which are often enough on their own to make a look memorable without the risk of style slips. Of course, as long as your idea isn’t a Sherlock Holmes cap with ears or a coordinated set to make Arctic explorers pale. And last but not least , winter means leggings and tights, which can discreetly shape and support where needed.

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