How to find the right foundation for your skin tone


It is very important to know the right foundation to wear for your skin tone. Majorly skin tones can be grouped into three major types : light, medium, dark. This highly depends on the region where you are located and the amount of melanin being produced.

Skin tones and undertones

Skin tones can be grouped into two, the surface skin tone and the under tone. The colour of your skin surface depends solely on the amount of melanin concentration produced by your skin. The subtle shade underneath your skin is referred to as your skin undertone.

Skin tone types

  • Fair skin tone
  • Light skin tone
  • Medium skin tone
  • Dark skin tone

Skin undertone types

  • Warm undertone
  • Cool undertone
  • Neutral undertone
Source : NYX Cosmetics

How to identify your right skin undertone

There are many ways of knowing what type of undertone you fall into. You can either do a skin test or sun test.

The skin test involves you checking the color of your veins. You can check the veins on your wrist if they are dark blue or purple in color it shows you have a cool undertone. If the veins are light green in color then you have a warm undertone. If you veins are not very visible then you fall into the category of dark undertone.

The sun test – does your skin tan easily when you are out on the sun. If yes then you do have a warm undertone.

Guide to choosing the right foundation based on skin tone type

  • Acne prone skin – this type of skin is very sensitive to products so it is advisable to go for light weight medium to fill coverage foundation.
  • For dry skin type go for a hydrating foundation with light coverage.
  • For oily skin type you should go for a medium to full coverage foundation
  • Combination skin type go for a velvet matte foundation. This will keep the T-zone oiliness in place and avoid products from moving.
  • Sensitive skin type – do not go for products that are too heavy but rather go for products that are light weight.
Source : mineral air
S/NShadesFoundation guide
1PorcelainFair to light skin with cool undertones
2LightLight skin with warm undertones
3MediumMedium skin with warm undertones
4Medium TanMedium to tan skin with warm undertones
5TanTan to deep skin with warm undertones
6DeepDeep skin with neutral undertones
7MochaDeep skin with cool undertones
Mineral air foundation guide

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