Do you know that the Prolonged wearing of heavy weight earrings can cause saggy earlobes over time. As you get older in age so does the cells in the body ages too, this in turns affects the amount of collagen and elastine produced. The effect of the reduced amount of these cells makes the skin wrinkles and starts sagging over time.

The Sagging of the skin can affect all parts of the body overtime. Other than the Sagging of the skin caused by the decreased elastine and collagen content the weight of your earrings also have an adverse effect too.

The continous wearing of heavy weight and very big earings might and can stretch your earing holes. Also some bad habits such as sleeping your earrings will sag your earlobes overtime. If you wish to know other causes of saggy earlobes and how to stop it from occurring keep reading.

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Causes of saggy earlobes

  • Ageing
  • Wearing of over weight earrings
  • Wearing of big earrings
  • Sleeping in your earrings
  • Decreased production of collagen and elastin

How to avoid having an overstretched earlobes

Picture Saggy earlobes
  1. Ensure that you wear larger studs with tighter backings, you can wear earrings with French hook or plastic hooks. These hooks hold tightly unto the skin.
  2. Always never wear earrings to bed. Wearing earrings will only strech your earlobes even more as you have no control of your body movements when asleep.
  3. Ensure you take caution when pulling off your clothes that goes over your head so you don’t pull your earrings. So always remove your earings first before pulling off your dress.
  4. Try as much as to avoid big and heavy earrings. This is because the skin around your ear is made of fatty tissue which slack overtime. Your wearing heavy earrings will only strech the tissue even more.
  5. Avoid wearing too long and dangling earings. Due to the effect of gravity on them they will only strech your earlobes even more.
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How to fix saggy earlobes

A. Natural method of treating saggy earlobes



  • Cornstarch powder (1 tablespoon)
  • Honey (1 tablespoon)
  • Aloe vera gel (1 tablespoon)

Procedure and usage

Mix the cornstarch, honey and aloe vera gel intk a bowl. Ensure you mix properly until you have an even mixture. Apply little of it on the earlobes and massage properly for a while. Repeat the process every day until you notice a difference on the skin.

2. Olive oil or Almond oil

Olive oil or Almond oil can be used in massaging the overstretched skin. Replace until it reduces in size

3. Apple cider vinegar

Apply few drops of apple cider vinegar on cotton pad or wool. Apply it on the saggy earlobes.

B. Surgical method of treating saggy earlobes

1. Use of dermal fillers

This can be done by a plastic surgeon or an expert. This can be done by injecting smaller amounts of dermal fillers into the Sagging point. This would make the earlobes more plump and lift too.

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2. Use of other surgical means

This ccan be achieved using the punch and tear method. A Nifty machine is used in creating a fresh wound on the Sagging skin which is then later sutured together. After it heals up the large hole closes up.

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