How to get rid of those annoying skin tags quickly

What are skin tags?

Skin tags are growths that tends to appear on the skin. They are usually black in color, as the name implies they are common, acquired begnin skin-colored growths that are similar to small soft Ballon suspended on a slender stalk.

It is a very harmless growth to humans that can vary in number from one to hundreds.Both sexes are equally prone to developing skin tags, obesity seems to be associated with skin tag development.

Although some skin tags may come off spontaneously, most remain once formed. The medical name for the skin tag is acrochordon. Some people call them “skin tabs.” Early on, skin tags may be as small as a flattened pinhead-sized bump.

While most tags typically are small (2 mm-5 mm in diameter) at approximately one-third to one-half the size of a pencil eraser, some skin tags may become as big as a big orange (1 cm in diameter) or a fig (5 cm in diameter).

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Common areas for skin tags

  1. Around your eyelid
  2. Under the breasts
  3. Underneath the base of the neck
  4. Buttocks fold
  5. Groins fold
  6. Underarms

Causes of skin tags

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The presence of skin tags on the skin can be very notorious. The cause of it is not yet known. It can be seen to show up in areas you tend to rub easily more often.

2 Easy tricks n how to get rid of skin tags

Use of vinegar

Vinegar soaked in cotton swabs or cotton wool can be placed on the site. The cotton swab is being held with bandage, it is then placed on the site and left over night. If left for a while it will fall off.

Use of silica acid and tea

Using silica acid mixed with tea tree oil on the affected site over a period of time shrinks the growth of skin tags. After a while it falls off.

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