How to know the right type of brassiere to wear on your dress

There is this confidence that comes with you wearing a perfectly fitted brassiere or bra like it is commonly called.

Quite a very few ladies find it very difficult to choose the right bra for their dresses when getting themselves a new brassiere.

This article talks about the different types of brassieres there are, their purpose, how to differentiate them from each other and the right dress to wear them on.

Types of Brassiere

T-shirt bra

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This design of bras has perfectly molded round cups with wire underneath them to give it its perfect shape. They offer less coverage by revealing the upper part of the breast. They are made in a special way that they do not show underneath your tightly fitted shirt.

Bralette bra

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Bralettes looks more like a mini top, this type of bra has no cups or underwire underneath them. They are mostly made with lace and other thin materials. They can be rocked with a jacket over the top

Strapless bra

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This is also another common type of bra, they do not have straps, unlike the t-shirt bra. They are made In such a way that the silicone lining present helps prevents them from falling off from the breast. If you are going for a dress that does not have straps then this is your best choice to choose from.


Balconette bra

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The cup cut of this type of bra is much smaller than the regular t-shirt bra. This type of bra is very revealing, exposing more of the breast area. Similarly, the balconette bra helps is lifting the breast even higher and also improves the look and shape of the cleavage area.

Racerback Bra

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Racerback bra can be worn by women of all sizes but mostly preferable for women with large and busty breasts. Also, these bras help prevent the straps from showing off from your dress.

Minimizer bra

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Minimizer bras are made in such a way that they give the appearance of a much smaller breast size. This type of bra is perfect for those ladies who are very busty. The bra reduces the size of the breast by compressing the boobs up to 1 inch against the chest for a more reduced effect.

Full coverage bra

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As the name implies, this type of bra offers full coverage to the cleavage area. The cups are well molded to perfectly fit the breast. Also, this type of bra offers full support and lifts the boobs very well.

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Bullet bra

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This is one of the old designs of bras that were popular in the 1950s. The bra is designed in such a way that the cups are shaped in a paraboloid with circles pointing towards the nipple area.

Nursing bra

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This type of bra is made especially for nursing and lactating mothers. It is designed in a way that a nursing mother can easily breastfeed her child without exposing all her boobs out.

Padded bra

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Like its name this bra a specially made with foam padding to lift the breast and enhance the cleavage area. Paddings can range from heavy to light depending on the size of the breast.

Push-up bra

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This bra creates an illusion of a bigger cleavage area just like the padded bra. It helps pushes the breast in an outward and upward direction.

Tank bra

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The tank bra type is shaped in form of a small tank top. It can be worn during sporting activities as it is very comfortable.

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Contour bra

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The cups of this bra are round with wire underneath them. In addition, It gives the cleavage area a perfectly rounded look and pushes up the boobs even more.

Triangle bra

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The bra cups are shaped in form of a triangle. It is perfect for a v neck dress. The triangle cups are attached to a band which helps in holding it very firm.

Shelf bra

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This bra type provides support majorly to the lower parts of the breast. It is made with a ban, that lifts the breast at the base. Similarly, the shelf bra can also be called the cupless bra.

Wearing the right brassiere to the correct dress

S/nDress typeBra type
1Off shoulder dresses Strapless bras
2Low back dressesLow back strapless bra or convertible bra
3Extremely low back dresses Adhesive bra
4Deep v dresses Plunge bra
5Strapless dresses Bustier bra
6Sleeveless dresses Convertible bra
7Asymmetric dresses Adhesive bra
8T shirtT-shirt bra
Best bra for some common dresses

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