With this canvas wall art you can brighten up you boring walls. Sometimes we get bored and try to look for some easy and creative ideas on things to do.

The canvas wall art is a brilliant idea, it is very easy and cheap to do at home. You can hang it on your bedroom, office, kitchen, work room walls.

Photo credit : diy passion

Materials needed for the canvas wall art

  • Wrapped canvas (size 16 by 20)
  • Stencils art designs
  • Pencil
  • X-Acto knife (a blade can be used in place)
  • Large sheet paper
  • Paint (crayons, poster color, water color, ect)
  • Paintbrush (if needed)
  • Scissors

Steps to follow

Get your Stencils kit out, you could buy one from an art store or bookshop. If you don’t have one no need to worry about that that’s why we have the internet. Check for sites online where you can download free floral Stencil art in black and white.

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Trace out the outline of your design on your canvas using your pencil.

Photo credit : diy passion

Using your X-Acto knife or blade, trace and cut out the design from your canvas. Be very careful when doing this so you don’t cut yourself in the process.

Get your self a plane sheet of paper. Using your water color paint out any thing you want. It could be a mixture of colors. Just have fun with it.

Photo credit : diy passion

After you are done, place the colored paper at the back of the canvas. Use your tape to hold it in place. Hang it on your wall.

Photo credit : diy passion

There you have it, your canvas wall art is ready, as simple as that.

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