As we are changing seasons from dry to the wet season the need for having a Raincoat becomes handy. Going out and getting drenched in the rain can be very messy and annoying at the same time.

Also with the inflation in prices of goods at the market getting an umbrella might be a bit expensive. Why not try making yourself an alternative raincoat at home.

Making your self one is very easy as you can get the materials around your home. All you need are the following :

Credit : Bob bee

Materials needed for your Raincoat

  1. Scissors
  2. Plastic bags /nylons
  3. Iron
  4. Foil
  5. Measuring tape
  6. Marker
  7. Old shirt or jacket


Credit : Bob bee
  1. Start by taking the exact measurements of your old jacket on the nylon. Measure the sleeve, hood, the front part and the back parts.
  2. Trace out the measurements with your marker on the nylon.
  3. Cut out the marked parts using a Scissors.
  4. Using your iron melt the nylon unto the fabric. Note : you are only joining the seams together not the whole nylon. Place the foil paper on top of the nylon and place the hot iron to melt the nylon.
  5. Start by closing the seams of the body and then the sleeves. Finally join the hood together to the remaining part of the jacket. Take caution as not to burn your self in the process.
  6. Your diy raincoat is ready to be rocked.
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