How to reach musical notes with your voice


One of the main doubts of beginning singers is how to reach musical notes.

After all, musical training also involves the recognition of notes and the ability to develop your vocal range. So, how is it possible to do this?

Throughout this article, you’ll see tips not only for reaching notes you’re not used to yet but also for knowing how to recognize and differentiate each note.

So, be sure to read to the end to become an expert on the subject!

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How to reach musical notes

The first step in reaching the notes is to know how to recognize them. Therefore, this is one of the initial stages of musical study.

In the case of singing, we usually use the piano to present the notes, since its sound is clean and facilitates recognition.

Once you get used to the sound, you need to start trying to reproduce the notes with your voice.

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As there are many nuances, the help of a qualified teacher in a singing course can be the best way to train.

Here, it is worth mentioning that not everyone can achieve the same grades. This happens due to two concepts: the vocal extension and the tessitura.

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What are vocal extension and tension?

The vocal range of a singer refers to the notes he can achieve, from the lowest to the highest, regardless of the effort. The fabric includes notes that are issued comfortably and naturally.

This means that each person has their comfort zone, but manages to develop the ability to sing notes that are not in the fabric.

However, rarely will a singer be able to train a note that is outside his vocal range.

That is why there are so many classifications of singers, such as soprano, baritone, tenor, and so on. Each person fits into a mold and needs to work according to its extent.

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This does not mean that you will not be able to sing any music you like because the notes do not include your vocal range.

What happens, in this case, is that the music needs to be adapted to your tone so that you can sing smoothly.

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Tips for developing your vocal extension

Once you are already aware of your vocal range and know-how to recognize musical notes. It will take a lot of training for you to be able to reach those notes.

Therefore, it is worth reinforcing the importance of having a vocal instructor to facilitate the journey.

There are some basic tips that we need to present so that you know how to reach musical notes without getting injured.

Moisturize your throat well with warm water, train your breathing and never sing without first warming up your voice.

Such prior care makes all the difference when it comes to developing your skills.

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Then, start memorizing the sound of the notes and try to emit them according to your name. For example, when trying to reach C, always make the sound of the word “C”. This helps to reconcile the sound and identify musical differences.

Training with the accompaniment of the piano also makes exercise much easier. After all, it is possible to hear the two sound emissions simultaneously to achieve the perfection of the musical note.

It is also worth trying to reproduce musical notes at different scales to increase your vocal range. In addition to ensuring more versatility for your tone, you can also interpret songs in different tones.

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