Hyperpigmentation : Causes and Ways on how to correct it


What is Hyperpigmentation?

The word Hyperpigmentation is a very common word used in issues related to skin care. This occurs when the pigment called melanin is being produced in excess. This excess melanin gathers on the skin thereby forming black patches on the skin.

The presence of this menalin patches on the skin forms dark spots in some areas of your skin.

This skin condition in particular is common to almost all races and skin types too. But however, they’re different types and classes of hyperpigmentation.

More details as regards to the types, classes and ways of preventing this skin condition will be discussed here in this article below.

Forms and Types of Hyperpigmentation

This skin condition can be caused by several causes. The type can be grouped depending on its causes.

Dark spots resulting from this condition can be caused by the following reasons

  • Melasma
  • Post inflammation
  • Sunspot
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Hyperpigmentation on the skin
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Melasma this type occurs mostly during hormonal changes. Our body hormones tends to fluctuate some times at some point in our lives.

Hormonal changes could arise during pregnancy, lactation, menstruation and so on. periods like this disrupts the rate and amount of melanin pigment being produced.

POST INFLAMMATION – inflammation mostly resulting from cuts, injuries, burns, scars, acnes and so on can also cause this.

After the healing process it leaves behind dark spots and scars on the skin.

SUN SPOTS – the over exposure of your bare skin to a continuous sun light can cause this too.

When your skin is exposed to the intense ultraviolet radiation of the sun it causes your skin to produce melanin pigment in excess. This leaves behind a dark sun spots on your skin.

Causes of Hyperpigmentation on the skin

While discussing on the major forms and types of this skin condition some causes to was being discussed too. But however here are some of its causes :

  • Change in hormonal balance eg during pregnancy, menstruation and the likes of it.
  • Over exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation
  • Scars resulting from inflammations such as cuts, burns, acne and many others
  • Use of harsh skin care products on the skin
  • Exposure to harsh chemicals to the skin.
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Commonly most affected areas

This skin condition tends to affect areas that are most often exposed. They are usually the first point of contact to sun, harsh chemicals and all others.

Areas mostly affected includes :

  • Stomach
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Neck region and
  • Face

What preventive measures can be taken to reduce it

Conditions like this cannot be completely eradicated but when the right measures are put in place it can be controlled.

Here are some few tips on how you can reduce hyperpigmentation from occurring

  1. Avoid over exposing your skin to intense sun rays ie ultraviolet radiation
  2. Always wear a sun screen when you’re out in the sun
  3. Reduce picking continously on injurie spot
  4. Ensure to use products that as safe to use on the skin
  5. Go for skin care products made from organic products.
  6. Ensure to follow the right skincare regimen to reduce it.

If you happen to have hyperpigmentation on your skin in excess there are some ways by which you can reduce and remove it.

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Such methods can be referred to as cosmetic procedures and they include

  • Chemical peels
  • Laser therapy
  • Microderma abrasion

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