Ideas on how to remove stubborn stains out of your furniture


How to remove Stubborn stains from your furniture

Stubborn stains on your piece of new furniture can be very annoying I know especially when it’s your favorite one.

Have you tried so many ways on how to remove stubborn stains off but it’s not just going off. Maybe the problem is not the stain but could be that you are not doing the right thing to get rid of it.

How do you know when a stain has become a stubborn stain?

According to my online research a stain can be classified as being stubborn when it proves very difficult to remove.

If then you have stains like this how then do you get rid of it, or do you have to throw it out because of this problem?

This article talks about the different ways by which you can remove stubborn stains away from your furniture.

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It is very important that you note that somethings needs to be put into consideration when removing stains off. A few of those considerations includes :

  • The first thing to do is identify what type of stain it is if oily, dry, wet stain.
  • Secondly, figure out a way to absorb the stain as much as possible.
  • Thirdly, dissolve the stain, know what substance best works with a particular stain
  • Lastly always learn to remove stains off as quickly as possible. The more it stays there the longer and harder it takes to come off

After that has been established, it is time to know what best works for a particular type of stain.

Types of stains and best methods to remove them

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Non greesy stains from food on your couch

When dealing with this type of stains it is very important that you know tg cause of the stain to avoid ruining your furniture. Go for just soap or a liquid soap with enzymes and cool or warm water. Soak up for a little while before try to rub it off from the furniture.

If it is on a furniture slab or a hard wood surface just rub it off with a piece of cloth along with soap and water too

Greesy stains from food on your couch

Removing this type of stain requires a lot more effort than the non greesy type. Just soap and water can’t work best for this type of stain.

I will advise that you go for baking powder. Start by pouring baking powder on the affected spot and leave for a few minutes. The baking powder will try to soak up the stains away as much as possible.

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After which you can now bluff off the excess powder away from your couch and the go in with a little bit of soap and water to clean it off.

Paint and ink stains

Stains of this nature can be a bit very difficult to remove considering their nature. When removing this type of stain the use of soap and water will do almost nothing to it.

For a more better result go for alcohol or turpentine, rub little amounts of it on the stain. This will help dissolve the stubborn stain away.

After then you can now go with your brush, water and detergent to brush off the remaining parts of the stain away from the surface.

Urine stain

This is very common in cases whereby you have a toddler or a pet at home. Sometimes they climb up on the furniture and pee on it leaving behind a bad smell.

All that is required for removing this type of stain is just vinegar and baking soda and your are good to go.

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