Important Beauty Benefits Hidden in Activated charcoal

I bet if you know the usefulness of the activated charcoal it will be valued even more. Charcoal popularly used in cooking various meals and dishes also has its beauty benefits.

The use of activated charcoal in most beauty products has gained a lot of popularity. Especially after its other benefits were discovered.

Activated charcoal gains its name from the combustion of wood in high temperatures in the absence of air under monitored conditions.

The process of burning this wood brings about the presence of pocket holes making it very absorbent.

Other than beauty and skin care products the charcoal is also being incorporated in different medicinal products too.

Uses and applications of activated charcoal

Medical uses of charcoal

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Before diving into the main topic I feel we should look at some of the health benefits of the charcoal. The health benefits includes

As a detoxify supplement

It does this by removing harmful toxins which can be harmful away from the body. This works by removing the harmful chemicals by absorbing and trapping them up. In hospitals this is used to treat poison and overdose away.

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It helps with bloating and indigestion

Issues with indigestion can be treated with small amount of charcoal encapsulated in form of a tablet. It also helps with absorbing6and removing gas from the intestines.

Healing of wound and blisters

Research has it that activated charcoal has proven records that it can be used in the curing of wounds and injuries

Treatment of diarrhea

Charcoal can be used in treating serious classes of diarrhea both in children and in adults too.

Other uses includes

  • It reduces high phosphate levels in the body
  • It helps in removing toxins away from the liver
  • Helps with whitening of the teeth

Beauty benefits of charcoal

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Removal of acne

Charcoal is very effective against removing acne related issues away from the skin. It helps in absorbing and clearing of impurities away from clogged pores.

Good exfoliating agent

Charcoal has the ability to remove dead skin cells from the skin.

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Effective in reducing blackheads

The consistent use of charcoal on the body helps in opening up all clogged pores from the skin.

Cleansing the skin

Charcoal helps in removing and absorbing excess oil away from the skin.

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