What are the types of food you eat? What are the health challenges you are going through? Have you tried to find out if you are among those eating excess of junks?. Then i think you should.

Junks are foods that add little or no nutritional value to the body, it’s so wierd as people delight in them, they are accepted and rampart in the world and the side effects are paid less attention to. Infact some people are so addicted to it and don’t care about the effects. They are not healthy foods especially when consumed in excess, because they affect human health and causes health diseases such as malnutrition in man and also lead to chronic health conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases and others which might lead to death if not been taken care of .

That is why we are been advised to stay away from them, because they can be dangerous.
Commercial products such as ice creams, cakes,soft drinks, doughnuts, some times eatery foods also are good examples of junks.

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junk foods

Few effects of junks on health according to styleslife.com.

  • Leads To Digestive Disorders:

The ill-effects of junk food on the digestive system is quite known to us. The digestive system works well to burn down a good amount of carbohydrates to keep your blood sugar in check and also helps to keep your body healthy. The digestive though will go haywire when you keep on eating too much junk food because all kinds of junk food are loaded with excessive amounts of carbohydrates that will surely cause damage to your blood sugar levels.

  • Can Cause Respiratory Problems:

Another very difficult problem to handle associated with fast food is respiratory problems. Breathing problems are associated with fast food because of obesity which the food causes. With the increase in obesity, the number of breathing problems will also increase and a recent study has shown that children eating fast food three to four times a week are prone to getting asthma faster than any other child.

  • Impacts The Nervous System:

The nervous system is also at risk when eating too much junk food. The nervous system when affected causes acute depression and a recent study has shown that people that eat commercial made food are more likely to get depression than any other person.

  • Weakens Bones:

Even your bones are not left out of the equation of junk food hurting your body. This is because excessive junk food will most definitely increase blood sugar causing diabetes which causes weakened bones in the long run. Brittle bones will most definitely affect your health drastically.

  • Leads To Heart Diseases:

One of the most drastic problems with junk food is the heart problems that you will most definitely go through in the long run. Eating junk food on an average of 3 to 4 times a week will increase the cholesterol levels in your body inducing diabetes along with other problems such as obesity that causes a great amount of pressure on your heart. Heart attacks are prone to people that base their food intake on junk food.

  • Gives You Shortness Of Breath:
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Shortness of breath is a very normal factor when you have been eating junk food for a long time. It is due to the increase in blood sugar levels in the body because of the excess fat, carbohydrates and sodium which cause obesity and diabetes which work hand in hand to reduce your stamina due to all the health problems. Shortness of breath will surely decrease your working capacity greatly.

  • Splitting Headaches:

Headaches are a minor factor when compared to all the other effects of junk food but at the end of the day, no problem is too small. Headaches are a very irritating problem and are caused because of the effects that junk food has on your blood sugar. The constant highs and lows will surely cause you to have headaches which do not leave so easily.

Junk foods

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