Important ways on how to avoid Body Odor


What Is Body Odor

Body odor can be very embarrassing and can be a big stigma attached to you. Normally, everyone has a particular way one smells but when it becomes much there is a problem.

Body odor occurs whenever your body sweat meets with bacteria and fungi on your skin surface. This in turn gives your body a very unpleasant smell.

Body odor can be caused by several reasons far from bad body hygiene. Below are some reasons for Body odor and they include the following.

  • Type of diet – what type of food do you eat. Some reports have it that consuming some type of food in excess can have serious effects on how you smell such as Broccoli, cauliflower, seafood, garlic, cabbage, and kale
  • Weather condition – oftentimes when the weather is hot people tend to sweat in excess which after a while smells very bad.
  • Excess weight- people that are a bit very overweight tend to smell bad too.
  • Hormonal changes – changes in your hormones can influence how you smell too.
  • Health conditions
  • Medications – taking some type of medication can have an adverse reaction to your body one which could be how you smell
  • Poor body hygiene – failure to have your bath regularly and practice good hygiene can cause your body to smell badtoo.
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Ways to avoid body odor

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The right deodorant for you

Using the right deodorant helps with clearing off body odor. Finding the right type of deodorant can be very tasking as we have lots of products to choose from.

Try using homemade deodorant

Getting the right deodorant can be very tasking. Why not try learning how to make your homemade deodorant yourself. It can be made from natural and inexpensive ingredients which can be found around you

Try bathing regularly

Your bad body smell might just be caused by your bad bathing practices. When you fail to bathe properly and very often it causes you to smell very bad.

Change your diet

Your type of diet can contribute to the bad smell your body produces. When your food lack some certain vitamin and minerals it might affect the type of smell your body produces at the back end.

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