Interior decor ideas to help transform that Boring Bedroom space


The interior decor of your home is a true reflection of exactly the kind of person you are. The type of decoration, furniture, arrangement and color tell people enough about your personality.

But however there is a great misconception that when it comes to interior decoration it requires a lot of money. Even with very cheap things you6can still make your bedroom space look very classy.

This article brings to you fun and budget friendly ideas that you can incorporate to spice up the look of your bedroom.

Interior decor ideas you can integrate into your design

Change your Boring walls into something more vibrant

Source : Unsplash

Putting up a beautiful wall paper on your wall might just be the thing your room needs. It doesn’t have to always be the normal conventional monochromatic wall, go for something more fun.

Introduce a book shelf

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Try making some nice book covers to turn that boring wall and give your wall a new look. You don’t have to spend fortunes to get this done as the easy diy book shelf can be done yourself at home. All you need are some scarp book and craft materials for it.

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Create much space as possible

This might just be the exact reason why your room seems boring. Having too much unwanted stuffs in your room too can contribute to it being stuffed up. So try to create space as possible, this will allow for more lightening to go into the room.

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Choose a nice Center rug

Placing a nice shaggy or colorful center rug at the center of your room makes your room look more colorful and very attractive too. You could make one yourself from things around you.

How to make a Pom-pom rug yourself from scratch to finish

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Add a piece of art work on your walls

You could put up a very nice and beautiful art piece on your wall, it makes it less boring. It also doesn’t cost much to get that done.

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Add more colorful pillows

Pillows have a way of add color into any boring space. You can add more colorful pillows to your bed , and couch area too.


How to make a throw pillow yourself at home

Source Unsplash

Add more light

Your room might just be missing enough lightening in it. You can get a bed side lamp or any kind of colorful light to decorate your bed side with it. You could get them from your hardware stores or checkup on how to make yourself one.

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