Know the parts of the drums and their features


The drums are a percussion instrument that attracts the interest of many musicians precisely because it is a set of various musical components that produce a characteristic and captivating sound.

Drums are a set of cymbals, drums, and other percussion instruments played by the same musician (drummer) with the help of sticks.

So, let’s take the battery(drums) apart to explain each part of it and show you its features. If you are an enthusiast of this instrument, check with us below.

1. Cashier

The box (snare drum) is a drum drier that produces sound and is sharp. Its shape is cylindrical and has two skins attached to metallic rings. It was widely used by military and fanfare since the 15th century, even before the battery will now have today.

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2. Floor tom

The surdo (or floor tom) is widely used in various musical styles to mark time. On the drums, its position is on the drummer’s right side, providing a tone more bass than the snare drum and less bass than the kick drum. Its sound is ideal for bridges and transitions.

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3. Bass drum

The bass drum is the biggest drum on the drum set. It is positioned right in front of and in the centre of the entire ensemble. It is played by a pedal-operated by the right foot, producing a bass sound that sets the tempo of the music.

Bass drum definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

4. Shades

The tones (high / low tone) drums are typically used between two and four units which can produce variations of midrange and bass. The sound of these components is lower than that of the snare drum and less severe than that of the deaf.

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5. Hi-hat

The (hi-hat) is two plates positioned to the left of the drummer that is played either with the pedal or the drumsticks. It is used to mark the time signature or to conduct music.

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6. Attack plate

The crash cymbal (crash) is used in musical transitions beyond the end of a song. Its sound is explosive and varies in measurements.

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7. Driving plate

The cymbal (ride) is used to drive the groove, serving as a basis for more accentuated beats. It’s the perfect size to allow the drummer to explore all regions of the cymbal. Its sound can be associated with that of a bell.

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Are the parts of the electronic drums the same?

Generally, electronic drums are made up of pads, which are parts responsible for reproducing the sounds of each component of an acoustic drum. However, we found one more item, which is called a module.

The module is responsible for providing quality sounds, allowing the drummer to choose the desired tuning, size setting and material of drums and cymbals. In addition, it is also possible to simulate effects such as muffling, microphone position and ambient acoustics.

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