Mistakes made by guitar beginners and how to avoid them


Learning to play guitar is a great experience. When you start, you want to leave already playing all the songs and solos, and want to know all the guitar techniques of your favourite guitarists, etc.

However, many beginning guitarists end up making mistakes that can:

– Make them adopt hard-to-treat addictions later;

– Delay your results, that is, leave them stagnant in the instrument.

There is an old saying: haste is the enemy of perfection. So, those who want to learn to play guitar fast to impress friends and family end up stumbling several times along the way.

Guitar addictions can take root and be difficult to overcome. But the sooner you do something, the better.

And, in particular, there are dangerous mistakes made by beginning guitarists. Let us talk about 4 of them and ways to avoid them or even correct these mistakes.

1. Escape from barre chords

 There are some chords with a barre that can play without it. However, eyelashes are essential for every guitarist.

Learning barre chords will be a leap forward in your evolution as a guitarist. But beginning guitarists seem afraid to tackle these chords or even avoid songs that use barre chords.

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You needed to devote a portion of your daily study to harness training, starting with songs with only one or two chords with harps.

Barre Chords | 8 barre chords to know | imusic-school

2. Study with the guitar out of tune

Many beginning guitarists don’t know how to tune the guitar, but that’s perfectly understandable. Because of this, many end up studying with the instrument out of tune.

The big problem here is that the brain gets used to something and so thinks it’s right. So if you study without the guitar tuning very well, your brain will record that sound for granted and what will happen? It will happen that your brain will not learn to recognize the right sounds and tuned notes.

And do you know something else that will happen too? When you hear another guitarist playing with his guitar tuned, you might ask for a reason why my instrument is not sounding so good.

We need to emphasize here that you need to learn series of tips and tools that help you tune your guitar.

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Electric Guitar Tuner Pro by Pedro Daniel Macalupu Cumpen

3. Study with many sources

The ideal for the beginning guitarist is to have only one or two sources for study, at most. You will not be overwhelmed with information overload or even tempted to skip steps when learning to play guitar.

And one of the mistakes here is learning through videos loose on the internet. For example, you can study guitar scales without first studying musical intervals, which are foundations for building all scales.

So, in addition to avoiding many sources of study, avoid not relying on a method that shows you step by step the subjects you need to study to play guitar. Look for a guitar course with well-explanatory content, following a structure focused on its evolution.

Teachers turning YouTube into education platform amid lockdown and how you  can do it too | Education News,The Indian Express

4. Practice when you have mastered

Another of the dangerous mistakes of beginning guitarists is to practice when they have mastered. That way they we never evolve on the instrument.

Your study time should be more devoted to practices that you have not mastered and less time for what you known. In other words, it is okay to study what you already know to improve yourself. But what will help you to evolve in music and instrument is to practice new things.

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If you have been studying the popular song smoke on the water for 3 or 4 months, you cannot call it practice, let alone musical evolution. The songs you mastered choose to play them 2-3 times a week to stay up to date but add new ones to your workouts to evolve on the instrument.

That way, in addition to evolving on the guitar, you’ll still have another benefit, which is to keep yourself motivated.

And here is another important thing: learn the complete songs and not just snippets of them or the solos. Some guitarists don’t play songs but just the chorus, the first part of the riff. It is essential to have a musical repertoire with songs mastered.

3 Mistakes You're Making While Learning to play an Instrument

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