Most common Makeup Terminologies used by makeup Artist


When it comes to the makeup business it is most likely you get lost with the Makeup Terminologies mostly used.

It’s certain that quite a few number of people can’t seem to comprehend what exactly their makeup artist is saying.

This is a compiled list of few Makeup Terminologies mostly used in the makeup and cosmetic industry today.

Common Makeup Terminologies used mostly by makeup Artist today


Woman blending foundation for her make up model. Source : Getty image

Mua is the short form for Makeup Artist. This is a very common Makeup Terminologies frequently used by makeup Artist.


Close-up portrait of a flawless facebea
Source : Getty image

Whenever you hear the word Facebeat, it literally means a makeup that is done perfectly and is very flawless.


Make up woman face. Contour and highlight makeup.
Source : Getty image

This involves the process of using makeup to accentuate the features an a person’s face. A shade 1- 2 times darker than the person’s normal shade is usually used for this. Key areas of the face (such as the chin, nose, tip of the head, cheek bone) is mostly contoured.


Makeup artist applying highlighter on a girl.
Source : Getty image

Whenever the word highlighting pops up it involves using shimmery products called the highlighter. The highlighter adds more shimmering effects to some parts of the face such as as

  • the bridge of the nose,
  • Brow bones
  • Cheek bones
  • Forehead, and
  • Chin

The highlighter draws much attention to your face and makes your makeup even pop more.


Source : unsplash

Falsies is also another name for fake eyelashes worn. It could either be a full lashes or an individual lashes that is applied with the lash glue.



Source :unsplash

The word dupes is another term for duplicates. This is used mostly for products that are similar to each other.


Source : Pinterest

Whenever the word Airbush makeup is used it involves a technique that involves the use of a machine call the airbrush that sprays makeup products on your face. It gives a flawless and skin finish feel to your skin.


Source : Pinterest

This is totally different from the baking term used in catering. I baking in makeup artistry involves applying a loose powder to your face in excess. After which it is left for a while to sit on your face before it is being buffed off. It leaves your makeup looking very flawless.


Source : Pinterest

If you are a lover of makeup then this shouldn’t be new to you. Blending is the act of mixing all products harsh lines away. This process is one of the most crucial things to note whenever doing any makeup. It is key to having a flawless finish.


Source : Pinterest

It involves applying a shade slightly darker than your normal skin tone so as to give a more warm effect to the makeup.


Source : Pinterest

This is a form of makeup tray that has quite a number of different shades just in one product. It saves you the cost of buying individual shades and gives you different color options to choose from.


Source : Pinterest

Halo effects means a mixture of shimmery and mate Eyeshadow on the eye. The shimmery color is usually applied to the middle to give more of a radiating look.

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Source : Pinterest

This process involves the use of a lip liner pencil to draw an outline of the lips. This helps in preventing the lipstick to move out when applying it. Also for people who want an illusion of a more fuller and plum lips this process is done.

Setting spray

NYX setting spray.
Source : NYXCosmetics

It involves locking your makeup in one place by using the setting spray. It helps keep your makeup in one place and prevents it from moving or smearing.


Source : Pinterest

The Ombre effects is usually done on lips. It involves the transition from a more darker shade to a much brand lighter shade.


Source : Pinterest

This involves the art of drawing or creating an art work or a masterpiece on the face. It is mostly used for brows and lips.


Source : Pinterest

The T-zone includes the forehead, bridge of the nose, and chin. It is usually the most oily part of the face due to the presence of an increased oil producing gland.

Cupid bow

Source : Pinterest

It is the upper part of your lips that forms a v.


Source : Pinterest

Also another common term used by MUA’s. It involves using Eyeshadow to create a gradient effect from light to dark shade.

Cat eye

Source : Pinterest

When the cat eye is drawn it gives you the look of a cats eyes.

Transition shade

Source : Pinterest

This is mostly done when applying Eyeshadow, using colours that compliments each other, it is usually done above the crease. It blends in the harsh lines and color of the Eyeshadow used.

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Water line

Source : Pinterest

The part before the lower lash line. When colours are applied here it gives your makeup a more defined look and pops out even more.

Tear Ducts

Source : Pinterest

Like the name implies, it is the inner corner of the eye. For a more popping look brighter colours and highlighter is usually applied here.

Cut crease

Source : Pinterest

It’s a type of eye makeup which is more dramatic showing a sharp contrasting color between one shade to another.


Source : Pinterest

This is usually the excess drop outs that falls off when applying the product on the skin


Source : Pinterest

A very common name for this is cotton buds only that q-tips are much longer. It is used In cleaning and correcting errors made when making up.


Source : Pinterest

The first step done before applying your foundation. It helps in controlling and locking up oil produced on the face. It also helps in adding to the a more flawless finish to your makeup.


Source : Getty image

A dull and dry finish look. It doesn’t look oily or have a shiny effect to it.


Source : Pinterest

This are shades usually Eyeshadows, highlighter with a more shiny and glittering effects.


Source : Pinterest

This are shiny and glowing powdery substance that blinks and shines more when applied to the skin.

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