Are you going through a phase in your life where you feel like you are not perfect because of your scars, deformities or defects well here are some beauty influencer to inspire you that the real beauty is not just how you look physically but rather what’s inside of you.

Top 6 most inspiring Beauty influencer of all time

1. Emily Louis Jones

Source : Instagram

Just llike every other girl, Emily Louis has a condition called JonesEhlers-Danlos syndrome. Due to this condition she has a feeding tube attached to her face. She never really allowed this stop her dreams of becoming a makeup artist. She uses makeup as a medium of being her true self and not letting her medical condition bring her down.

2. Shalom Blac

Source : Instagram

Shalom black is one of the most influential beauty influencers who has used her scars to reflect her real self to the world. She hails from Nigeria. At 9 years of age she got burnt by hot oil which left her with serious burns and scars that will last a lifetime. This never stopped her from becoming herself, she used makeup to tell her story to the whole world. She has worked with lots of big makeup brands in the beauty and fashion industry.

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3. Cacsmy Brutus

Source : Instagram

Even with one of her legs being amputated as a result of cancer at age 14 this beauty never gave up. This Haitian model is not only a model but also a disable right activities. She never allowed here disability interfere with her dreams of becoming a top model. But sadly Cacsmy Brutus died on the 16th of December 2019, she will be forever remembered as a hero.

4. Michaele Davert

Source :Instagram

This real beauty was born with a rear genetic condition called Osteogenesis Imperfect a. The 21 year old is only 2 feet and 7 inches tall. She has be through over 25 surgeries to change the rods in her bones. But this has never allowed this beauty blogger feel down on herself but rather embraced her condition with positive vibes. She finds makeup artistry a safe place where she gets to feel normal like every other young girl of her age.

5. Marimar Quiroa

Source : Instagram

Marimar Quiroa a 23 year old beauty influencer and makeup lover was born with a cystic hygroma tumor which affected her neck and mouth.  This tumor has blocked her mouth thereby only allowing her using tubes to eat, sign language to communicate, and a hole in her throat to breathe. She never allowed her looks to define who she is but rather has become a major inspiration to other young girls like her too.

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6. Jordan Bone

Source : Instagram

Jordan Bone a beauty influencer at age 15 was involved in a drastic car accident which left her paralyze. Due to her quadriplegic state she started feeling really depressed and was looking for a way out of it. She later used makeup as a way of inspiring others who might be quadriplegic to never give up on their dreams.

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