Music for Work, can it influence our performance?

There are jobs in which all the five senses must be on deck. Inclusion of music in the work environment relaxes the nerves and keeps the work going. It is common that when you work alone at home, without being disturbed, you can be listening to your favourite music if that helps you to concentrate. It is clear that this depends on persons, some will stay listening to the songs instead of working, but playing music while working does not have to be a bad thing. Here we are going to delve a little deeper into all this to understand if it is positive or negative to listen to some songs while we are working.

How music affects us while we work

The way everyone reacts to music varies, from those who are bored and want to get out of it, to those who are encouraged by listening to certain musical styles. It is clear that everyone has their favourite genre, but that also varies depending on the person. There are those who enjoy listening to classical music and others with electronic or trash metal themes. The point is that music serves as a stimulus to work more and better, and not as entertainment to be less productive. The trick is to know how to choose the type of music that suits us to work better, and try not to get out of there if we see that it works, because the last thing we want is to be less productive.

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Type of music for work

For some, the best music to use for work is classical music. Many studies affirm that this genre helps us to concentrate and also puts our most creative part into operation, to be able to remember better, but also to solve problems that may arise. However, not everyone likes that type of music, and although it may seem incredible, some people prefer to listen to rock and metal to concentrate. This will depend on each one, but it is true that it is convenient to listen to instrumental music, such as soundtracks, whether we know them or not, do not contribute to deviating us from our work objective. Instrumental music is usually the most appropriate for most.

Motivating music

Putting on music while we are working usually works as a support so that the time passes as quickly as possible, and to get rid of the burden that we may feel when working for many hours at a time. Without dissuading us from our main objective, to be efficient at work, music indeed helps us to have a better time, and even to motivate us. The soundtracks are especially effective if we seek them because they are beautiful and make us remember incredible moments in movies we love. We can also choose those topics that motivate us the most.

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Relaxing music

Concentrating on the sound of music allows us to cope better  with  most of our everyday tasks and can help us perform much better. Relaxing music, or even soundtracks, is also perfect to work with while listening to them. Many artists write and compose very relaxing music, which helps us to get rid of the pressure that we can have for our work. So, listening to it will be a spur to keep us focused and the hours go by a little faster. when there is a lot of work ,it is normal to get overwhelmed , but music reduce our anxiety level.

Can listening to music at work hurt us?

As we said at the beginning of everything, this will depend on the type of music we listen to, and the work we have. If we are used to listening to music while doing tasks that do not involve too much concentration, we can be listening to whatever music we want, even from the radio and podcasts. If we need to concentrate to carry out these tasks, the best thing is that the music should be calmer and more relaxing, even motivating, as we have seen before. The negative point of all this comes at a time when we are more aware of the music than of our work.

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That is when productivity would drop and music would be discouraged. Of course, it is also logical that there are jobs in which you cannot listen to any type of music, because we must be constantly interacting with other people. If we work on something that allows us to do so, we must look for that music that makes us relax, concentrate better, and of course, be more productive.

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