Music lesson: 5 dangerous beliefs that can make you quit music


When you start taking music classes online or in person, many barriers arise. And this is perfectly normal; after all, good things tend to require effort and dedication to pay off.

And here today we bring you some dangerous, limiting beliefs (or negative beliefs) that keep you from succeeding with your music studies and how to get around this situation.

1. I have no talent

One of the main beliefs when starting a music class is to think that you have no talent.

It’s not uncommon to see many students complain that they can’t learn faster or can’t learn a certain song or solo because they don’t have the talent for it.

Learning music is something that requires constancy, that is, it is necessary to study daily to evolve. But not only that, but it is also necessary to have good material.

Some students tend to start their first class excited, believing they will play a song very well after that. But it’s not like that.

When someone goes to the gym, they don’t gain muscle or lose weight in a week. But results come with time and constancy.

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Dedicate yourself, be patient, have good material, and record yourself playing to track your progress. These are four essential actions.

Of course, some people have greater development of musical ability than others, but that doesn’t mean that it takes talent to be a great musician.

And here the phrase from the creator of the lamp comes in very handy: “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” – Thomas Edison

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2. I need an expensive/professional instrument

Another mistaken belief is that you should buy a top-of-the-line guitar, 81-key “X” or “Y” keyboard, a Luthier guitar, etc. And without it, you won’t be able to play well.

But it’s not just those who take music classes who think that, but even friends or family members who encourage it.

You don’t need an expensive instrument to get started; you don’t even need a new instrument to learn to play.

Borrow an instrument, buy a used instrument in good condition, buy a reasonable new one (don’t take the cheapest one either, as you may have problems with tuning and playing comfort).

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3. You can’t learn with online classes

Another belief that keeps you from moving forward in your dream of learning to play a musical instrument believes that you can’t learn with online music lessons.

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Many people today learned to play the keyboard and guitar, among other instruments, through the internet. In places where music lessons are scarce, where you can’t find good teachers, online lessons are always available with great resources.

Nowadays there are great platforms that not only provide content but also offer support with the teacher and a system that almost takes you by the hand and takes you to your goal.

But it’s important to say that not everyone can study online, as this requires discipline and taking studies seriously. So, you need to be disciplined with your studies.

Cartoon Music Composer - Composing and Producing - Los Angeles | SoundBetter

4. I lack motor coordination; I will never learn to play

If you believe you have a problem with motor coordination, then see a doctor. Today many treatments help with this, including the study of a musical instrument itself.

Your problem could be a lack of development of bodily skill or it could also be a sign of some illness. That’s why seeking professional help is essential.

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Many people, who believed that they would never be able to play because of some coordination problem, nowadays do very well.

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5. I’m too old to take a music class

Does your body allow you to learn? There is no kind of limitation, so there is no excuse! There is no age to start studying music.

Don’t let this belief or other people hammering it into your head make you give up on your dream. So, no matter your age, it is possible to start studying music and learn to play your favorite musical instrument.

But of course, we also need to clarify here that, compared to a child, the study of someone who is already an older age will take longer, but there is a result, and as there is. It just takes a little patience with yourself.

Don’t let these beliefs limit your learning or even make you give up on achieving your dream. Learning to play a musical instrument is a pleasure and not a headache, always remember that.

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