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Colour — We live in a world of variations in all spheres from the tiniest bit of nature to the most complex of systems, even among systems of the same origin, there exist differences. With this point brought to the fore, we know for a fact that because we are different across spheres and in different areas, we are sure that our temperament and inclinations to life and to the world around us will definitely differ.According to CelerieKemble-“there’s a reason we don’t see the world in black and white”.

This goes to make us realize that our tastes, perspectives and inclinations to the world around us is different. Colour can be defined as the visual perspective of the environment and objects around us,  through colour categories. The world around us mean something to us based on the color we perceive of them, therefore we as humans have been able to draw out various meanings to life from colour.  

When talking about nature,the first concept that comes to our heart is “green” because particular colours have been attached to particular events and circumstances. Colour is our disposition to life, our outward experiences and inner tendencies. From this simple fact, we can draw inferences as to every individual’s tendencies.       

Taking a quote fromWassily Kandinsky- “colour is a power which directly influences our soul”. From this we can say that although colours to a very large extent reflects our unique dispositions, which is inside out, they also  influence us from the outside into the inside.

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The concept of colours is a world in itself from which our world gets its meaning just as Paul Cezanne said- “ we live in a rainbow chaos” pointing to the fact that despite how complex and Perhaps complicated our world may seem there’s still a wonderful story to be told. It cuts across all spheres of life from medicine to law to business etc.

The more knowledge we have about the concept of colours the more we are able to make sense of our world.

Our focus therefore is to gain insight into the world of colours thereby exploring the possibilities therein for us to have a better life experience, like some would say that knowledge is power, but how can we make use of a knowledge we don’t have? The more knowledge we have about the concept of colours the more we are able to make sense of our world.

Colours and Beliefs

Written below are some of the popular beliefs associated with some important colours we know and we’ll take them in the order of decreasing wavelengths, that is, according to the arrangement of the rainbow(ROYGBIV) because when light which is the visible Spectra of the electromagnetic wave is passed through a prism, it splits into seven different colours perceptible to the eye which forms the color of the rainbow. This therefore means that we perceive a particular color based on the fact that every other colour in light(visible spectrum) is absorbed and that particular color we see is the one left unabsorbed, hence the reason why we can see what we see .

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These particular activity is carried out by particular cells in our eyes called the rod and cones which serve as the prism in our case because they are light sensitive. We will also include the white and black colours which said to be neutral.

  • Red: red comes as a sharp colour which shows some level boldness, passion and gut. For the bold; red comes as the best colour. The colour red is believed to help increase heart rate, it is also believed to be an appetite booster hence the use in some restaurants. Red also symbolizes danger etc so the next time you want to make a Statement, use red. It has a loud voice!.
  • Orange: orange comes as a very social colour, those with orange as their best color may seem to want some attention and want to connect with people. Orange is also believed to be an appetite booster.orange symbolizes some level of confidence.
  • Yellow: this is the color of the sun it symbolizes individuality and intellectualism. When next you want to create an atmosphere of warmth and happiness around you ensure you use a touch of yellow.
  • Green: this is of nature, it symbolizes growth and development. It gives off the feeling of tenderness and comfort. Those whose favorite color is green are process driven. Next time you want a cool atmosphere try using green.
  • Blue: blue is the symbol of peace. Blue creates an atmosphere of trust and tranquility and satisfaction. Blue is believed to be appetite reducing.
  • Black: black is timeless and cannot go out of Vogue. It symbolizes prestige and power and determination. If you want to create an atmosphere of resilience and strong will you can try using black.
  • White: white is a symbol of purity. Those with an immaculate nature would love to pick white. White teaches responsibility. And symbolizes righteousness. If you want to create an atmosphere of bliss and care try using white.
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