Outfits You Can Wear to Conceal Your Bulging Belly


Body shapes most times dictate the type of outfit to wear especially for those with a big belly. This is because that big belly could ruin an outfit if its not well styled.

The big bellies are often times the product of weight gain, heredity, pregnancy and some other medical conditions.
However, women hide their bellies for various reasons best known to them.

This article describes the type of outfits that can conceal your belly and still enable you carry yourself elegantly with poise.

1 Choose loose clothes over tight ones

Tight clothes are known for highlighting the imperfections of ones shape. So, It is better to wear layers or a little loose fitting cloth.

Also, single coloured cloth are preferable most especially in the dark range.

2 Highlight a different part of your body.

To switch attention from the belly, you can highlight the breasts or your legs.
Do you have a big breast? You can reveal a little cleavage to divert attention from your belly.
Also, do you have hot legs? Wear dresses a little bit higher than your knee or you wear leggings too.

3 Choose clothes a little longer than the knee or maxi length.

Midi and maxi length dresses are great choices when it comes to dresses to hide your belly.
The dress can be a straight cut too.

4 Consider wearing a shift dress

Shift dresses are excellent in hiding huge bellies. This is because it balances out your curves.
Also, a shift dress has a lot of space so it will move as you do, avoiding drawing attention to your belly.

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5 Pay attention to clothes with vertical stripes.

Clothes with tiny vertical stripes makes you look taller and very fit. Wider stripes could make you appear bigger so you have to choose with caution.

6 Wear high rise Jean or pants

Wearing a high rise pant makes the line from the waist to the hips very smooth. Hence the sides would not be visible.

7 Wear high waist skirts

A high rise flared skirt is good in hiding your belly. So is a high rise pencil skirt too.
However, for the pencil skirt it is best kept as a dark colour. The flared skirt could be a bright colour of your choice.

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