Chandeliers add a sense of elegance and drama to any room, only that they are just too expensive; but don’t worry, I ‘gotcha’, you don’t need to break the bank to own a chandelier✌.

I will be taking you on a simple journey on how to make your own chandelier, making use of stuffs you already have lying around the house.
There are quite a lot of interesting shapes like hearts,clouds, stars, globe or rectangle. Chandeliers can also come in different colours, but it is advisable to use light colour for the sitting room and bright colour for the bedroom. We will be working on the heart shaped chandelier, stay tuned ☺


This particular chandelier will shine more in a nursery or a little one’s room.

Materials needed

  • Embroidery hoop
Embroidery hoop
  • Thick thread
  • Cardboard
  • Hot glue gun
Hot glue gun
  • Paint
  • Finishing ribbon


  1. Paint your embroidery hoop your preferred color and set aside to dry.
  2. Start punching hearts from your cardboard.  You will need 270 hearts because we will be making 30 strands of double sided hearts, one strand with 9 hearts, another strand with 8 hearts, another strand with 5 and another strand with 3 hearts.
  3. Starting at the bottom of a long piece of string add a heart with glue and attach the 2nd heart and hold till it bonds.  Move 1-2 inches up and add another heart with glue onto the string and another heart shape.   Repeat until you have all of your strands complete.
  4. Make sure you leave excess string at the top of your strands so they can be attached to your hoop.
  5. Tie your strands in the order you prefer and knot them so they don’t come undone as you finish all of the heart strands.  Arrange them neatly and put the outer ring of the embroidery hoop on tightly. This keeps the strands in place.
  6. Using a pretty ribbon, cut 7 long pieces to act as the hanger.  Figure out where you want your ribbons  and make a small loop around the embroidery hoop and hot glue it closed.  Pull the ribbons together at the top, arrange them so the chandelier is straight, make a loop and hang.
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Tada👌,you are done with your awesome budget friendly chandelier🤗.

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