The cosmopolitan nature of ibadan , the way things are cheap coupled with it’s large population probably makes it people’s when shopping
but when it comes to Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State Nigeria, the inhabitants take it to another level. Being a very large city, Ibadan is dotted with a numbers of notable markets.
these markets also have their individual uniqueness and goods that can mostly be seen there. 

Agbeni market

One of the best places to get groceries at discounted prices in Ibadan. Lots of Household items and other goods can also be found in the market.It’s a little organized, lots of products and a very competitive market. 
It is known for provision market. Where you can get milk, beverages, drinks, wines, biscuits, sweets, chemicals, vegetable oil, condiments, canned products of different types, detergents of various sizes, rice in large quantities. Several roads leads to the market.

Agbeni market

Ogunpa market

The 1st Ogunpa market is an ancient open market housing different products covering a wide range products like, electronics, power generators, clothing, shoes, bags, musical instruments, to mention but a few.
This one of the biggest marker in the heart of Ibadan, permit if possible Oyo state at large. Because this is nothing you will not get from this market. Cloth, shoes, bags, food stuffs (yoruba and igbo).

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This market also embrace ethic cordialness because all the three major ethic group in Nigeria is there and everyone respect and love one another. 

There is almost nothing you need that you cannot procure in the market that covers a very large expanse of land.You can find virtually anything you want here ranging from shoes, cloths, kitchen utensils, electronics, cosmetics etc. There are banks inside this market.
The major catch in this market is that you get a lot of things cheaper than they are obtainable in other market in ibadan

Ogunpa market

Gbagi market

But the most popular out of the modern markets around is the New Gbagi Market, being the textile hub in Ibadan just like Balogun or Idumota markets in Lagos.
It was built by the former Governor of old Oyo State, Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Late Ajibola Ige (SAN)  in 1982 (he was governor between 1979-1983) but traders didn’t move there until around 1991/92, under the regime of late Major General  Abdul Kareem Adisa as military Governor of old Oyo State. Since its relocation from the old location at Ogunpa to this present site.
This is where all kinds of textile, from the lowest to the highest, could be find and several millions of naira is expended in this market on a daily basis.
It’s a big market with variety of cloth merchants, ranging from Ankara, Lace and other fabrics in both wholesale and retail prices. It is a market of different fabrics and the largest fabrics market in Ibadan. Also other things sold in Gbagi market include, shoe and bag, plastics, makeup, Jewelry.

There are over 10,000 shops and several thousands of kiosk and stalls and the available.It’s an international market that deals majorly in textile materials. People come from all over the nation especially the south West part of the country. Its an interesting market to visit.

Gbagi market

Aleshinloye market

This market has a wide variety of gift goods, household items, and jewellery. They also sell furniture, clothing, shoes, and construction materials. The prices of products in Aleshinloye Market are a little higher, but you can rest assured that you will be getting high-quality pieces.

Aleshinloye market

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