Rings are circular band of gold, silver, or some other precious or decorative material that is worn on the finger.
Rings are sometimes worn not only on the fingers but also on the toes, the ears as well as the nose.

The main reason why people love rings is because of its adorning purposes on the body. Also, they serve as symbols of authority, fidelity and social status.

Likewise, people look at how you wear your rings and make conclusion about your personality, relationship status and lifestyle.
So, before you put your rings on, it is important to understand what each finger says about you.

This article explains the meaning of each ring when worn on each of the 10 fingers.

Names of each finger

1. Left pinky finger

The left Pinky finger denotes a number of meanings such as  Intuition, communication and Intelligence. It could also mean a connection or association with the mafia.

Wearing a ring on the pinky finger does not have any religious or cultural associations in most cultures. A ring on this finger appears flashy and it also makes a statement by being isolated from your body.

Hence, is often the first choice for a man who wants to wear a “statement” ring.

Furthermore, jewelers tend to craft the ring for this finger to be very flashy and eye popping to create attention.

Left pinky

2. The Fourth/Left ring Finger

This is known as the ring finger and it symbolizes a number of sweet things.

This includes engagement, marriage, eternal love, creativity, beauty and relationship with others.
Most commonly it is symbolical and reserved for wedding and engagement rings.

Other than silver or gold wedding rings we have some people preferring to use complimentary gemstones. Gemstones such as jade, amethyst, moonstone and sapphire.

In some places and cultures, they use the fourth left finger for other purposes asides marriage such as;

1) Betrothal: a ring worn on the left ring finger can indicate that the wearer is engaged to be married, a tradition believed to date back to the time of ancient Romans.

2) Romantic promise
 : Some people choose to wear a promise ring on the left ring finger. However, this is mainly reserved for serious romantic promises.

3) Chastity
: some young people choose to wear a chastity ring, or purity ring, on the left ring finger. This is to signify an abstinence from intimate relations until marriage.

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Wedding rings

3. Left middle finger

Wearing of rings on the left middle finger does not have any particular meaning so you can style as you wish.

You can be the sole determinant of what you want a ring on this finger to mean.
Also, if you have a great statement ring, you may wish to wear it on this finger.

4. Left index finger

A ring worn on either index finger used to be reserved for royalty. Visitors that come would kneel before the King or Queen and kiss the ring on their index finger. This is usually a sign of respect.

It is also used for fashion; nowadays, it is a great place to stack your fashion rings.

Also, this finger also denotes Leadership, authority and self esteem.

Left index

5. Left thumb

This is usually used to denote a sign of wealth and influence. A thumb ring on either hand used to be reserved only for the rich and high class.

It was seen as a status symbol and represents wealth due to the fact that it costs more. The cost of production of a thumb ring is high because of the number of materials used. 

6. Right thumb

It is also a symbol of wealth just as the way it is for the the left thumb.
A ring worn on the right thumb used to symbolise wealth. However, these days wearing a ring on the thumb is seen more as a fashion statement.

Right thumb

7. Right index finger

A ring on this finger is said to denote marriage in some cultures in certain parts of the world. This is seen to be a Jewish tradition for marriages as couples wear their wedding bands on the right index.

Asides from this, you can get away with any ring of choice on this finger.

8. Right middle finger

Wearing a ring on either middle finger doesn’t hold much meaning. Just as the left middle finger, rings placed on it does not have any particular meaning so you can style as you wish.

9. Right ring finger

It also denotes marriage or engagement just as the left finger.

However, just like some cultures wear their wedding or engagement rings on their left ring finger, there are also several countries where you would wear them on your right ring finger.
In countries such as India, Germany and Russia, you would wear your wedding ring on your right ring finger.

In the United states and much of north and south America, a band on the right fourth finger indicates engagement, while a band on the left fourth finger indicates marriage.

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10. Right pinky finger

Wearing of rings on the right pinky finger has the same meaning as wearing them on the left. However, it also denotes your professional status as well.

A ring on the pinky could be a symbol of graduating with a degree in a specific field, usually in engineering or ecology.

Professional rings are typically simple bands made of iron, silver, stainless steel, or another metal.

right pinky

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