Poor night sleep makes you feel bad enough and there are other issues that a poor night’s sleep can cause. For example, it may:

Make You Hungry for junk.

Lack of sleep increases hunger and cravings — particularly for high-carb, high-fat junk foods. For example, in one study, just one night of bad sleep led participants to eat 559 more calories — a 22% increase — the next day compared to after a full night of sleep!

Make You Fat.

Poor sleep can also lead to a slower metabolism, which is not good for healthy weight management. Another study found that just 5 days of poor sleep led to a 1 ½ pound weight gain. A poor night of sleep here and another there, and you’ll see it can be REALLY BAD NEWS for your waistline.

Make You Look Older.

Research also shows that sleep quality impacts skin function and aging. In one study, researchers found that women who didn’t get a full night’s sleep showed signs of premature skin aging and a decrease in their skin’s ability to recover after sun exposure.

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Lead to Distraction and Forgetfulness.

Not getting a full night’s sleep may cloud memory… and hamper learning… attention… resilience… and logical reasoning, according to research. It’s during sleep that the brain’s “clean-up crew” (called the glymphatic system) is most active, clearing out potentially neurotoxic “waste” from the brain.

Lead to Bad Decisions and Risky, Self-Destructive Behavior.

Multiple studies have shown that an inadequate night of sleep adversely affects decision making. For instance, one study found that just two nights of short sleep impaired decision making and increased risk-taking behavior.

Furthermore, research shows poor sleep can make you moody, irritable, angry, and feeling “down in the dumps”… can make everything feel more challenging than it really is… and it can make you slow to react.

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