Simple and Unique ways to style your African natural hair

“I love my hair because its a reflection of my soul. Its dense, its kinky its soft, its textured, its difficult, its easy and its fun. That`s why I love my hair”. – Tracee Ellis Ross

Indeed, African women often face a lot of challenges and difficulties when it come to styling their natural hair. Such difficulties, often stem from the lack of length needed to style trendy and impressive hairstyles often seen on internet. Some other challenges often met with styling natural hair, is getting your hair extremely dry and brittle, due to manipulations from various hair styling products.

The good news is, there are styles you could do, without having to cause severe damage to your hair. These styles are oftentimes called protective hair styles, due to the fact that they protect your hair edges, minimizes hair manipulation, and protects the ends or tip of our hair from harsh weathers.

Some simple and unique protective hairstyles you could try are:

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Puffs: There are different ways you could choose to style your puff and yet look beautiful and classy for the occasion. You could choose to make it a small puff, a medium sized puff or a big Afro puff. You could also choose to add a unique element of braiding and some twist into your puff. With this style, things can never go wrong.

Twists and Twist out. Now this is a style that never goes out of fashion. With a little bit of fancy pins or clips you are good to go. You could also choose to leave it kinky without the fancy stuff or too much ceremony. It all depends on you. The good thing about this style, is that you could also rock it as a twist out, making it a two in one style.

Side flat twisted Afro. This style is a nice hair style that can be creatively styled by flat twisting side ways and directing it upward, leaving your Afro facing the side. You could then choose to decorate your flat twist with fancy stuff like cuffs.

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Faux hawk style. This is one hairstyle that can be styled in different ways, and never loose it’s trend. It can easily be achieved by either making both sides of your hair sleek, and leaving the middle. It could either be in the form of braiding your hair or it could be raised up in an updo. With some versions of this style, you can look bold and aggressive and other times, you even sexy and feminine. So it can pretty much be rocked for any occasion.

Bantu Knots. This is a super cute traditional style that can be done on any hair type. One thing to love about this hair style is that when you loose it, it give a defined curl that can be rocked as well.

Remember, as a lady your hair is your pride that should not be tampered with.

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