Simple tips and tricks to avoid cakey makeup


Imagine after spending hours in getting your makeup done and ready for your event and after an hour it starts turning cakey. Very annoying right well I know how that must feel because I have been there too.

Cakey makeup can be caused by a number of reasons which can’t be far fatched. A few of this reasons can be type of products used, product application, process and procedures used.

With the rise of different products coming into the beauty market made from different formulations. Lots of people just go for any products they can lay their hands on even without checking its constituents.

This could be the reason why your makeup eventually turns cakey after a while of applications.

This article brings to you the different reasons why this occurs and means by which you can avoid it from happening.

Reasons for your makeup being cakey

The major reason for this could be the type of foundation you use. What are its constituents, or the formulation.

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Applying foundation base in excess. Sometimes going on your foundation in excess might just be the one wrong thing you are doing. After applying your powder your makeup turns cakey.

Using the wrong tools, for instance when you use the beauty brush when you’re to use your beauty blender in blending your makeup.

Putting on little to too little foundation base to your makeup. This is also another reason for your makeup looking cakey too.

Prep your skin properly, use your moisturizer, rightly. Use the right foundation and powder on your skin.

Ways of avoiding cakey makeup

Learn to know your product rightly. There are different products for your face and how to use them rightly. Know when to use your face moisturizer, hydrator, primer, and many more.

Use the proper tools as at when due. When you are to use a beauty blender do not use a brush. It could be the reason for the cakey makeup.

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Learn to go in step by step. Start by building up your foundation base. This helps in ensuring you have a good makeup base.

Always go for a waterproof base makeup. This helps in putting your makeup in one place and prevents it from moving.

Use a blotting paper or a makeup beauty blender to blott of any excess product away from your face.

Learn to use a makeup spray on your face it helps locks your makeup in one place. It helps fix your cakey makeup always.

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