Solutions to most Beauty Problems you encounter daily. Part 1

Which is the most annoying Beauty Problems you face when doing your make up?

Yes we all know that one tend to rush their makeup and hair when you’re running out of time it is almost impossible not to encounter any beauty problem while doing it. It is expected that your makeup should last you for the whole day without moving out of place.

It is almost impossible for you to do your makeup and other beauty things without making mistakes. But how do you fix these mistakes to major beauty issues that may arise.

You find out that most ladies take bathroom breaks at intervals to either fix their dress, hair or makeup.

This is so because quite a few ladies loose their confidence and feel this is the only way to go about it.

As you read through I will guide you through a few solutions to most Beauty issues you face daily.

Common beauty problems encountered daily

1. Perfect Lipstick hack

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Getting your lipstick to stay right in place can be a real thug of war. In other to avoid the stress of having to apply you lipstick you can try out this hack.

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This hack also works when changing your lipstick from glossy to Matte lips. All that is required is your setting brush, loose setting power or any translucent powder and tissue.

Start by applying the first layer of lipstick, place the tissue on your lips and dab the loose powder on your lips using the brush

Apply another coat of lipstick and repeat the same process till you are satisfied with the result.

2. Lipstick stain on the teeth

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This can be sometimes very embarrassing when you smile and your teeth is stained with lipstick.

This occurs when the excess lipstick stains your teeth when talking or smiling. But this can be fixed easily.

All you need is to do a pout and put a finger into your mouth in and out. This helps with the excess lipstick to be cleaned off and then you can have your perfect smile back.

3. Long lasting perfume

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Most people complain of their perfumes not lasting long on them when the problem could be with the application.

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For a more better result apply oil or Vaseline on the key area before applying your perfume. This helps in making your perfume last longer more.

4. Eyebrow hack

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If you are finding it very difficult to tame your eyebrows before going on with drawing your brows then this is for you.

It can be very frustrating when your eyebrows is refusing to tame its self down well not to worry. All you need is a hair spray gel and a spoile.

Spray little amount of the gel or your eyebrows and brush it into shape before going on with you brows.

5. Mascara stain

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Nothing can be as annoying as this beauty problems. Especially when you are done with your makeup and you are doing final touches with your Mascara.

Boom there goes a mistake which almost ruins your makeup, well no need to worry. Just allow it to dry off, get your spoile dab on your loose powder and brush it off.

This hack works like magic in no time your makeup gets fixed back like new.

6. Glitter fallouts

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This is the part that gives most people a huge scare. This is in fact the most common beauty problems faced. Glitter fall outs can be very annoying when it gets to the wrong place well no need to worry anymore.

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The first hack is whenever you are working with glitters just apply your setting powder on your face in excess. This wouldn’t allow it to stick to your face. After your are done just brush off the excess powder and you are done.

The second hack is that if you have glitter fallouts on your face you you need is a clear celotape to clean it off.

7. Broken powder pallet

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Imagine after spending much on buying your face powder and it fall off from your hand and shatters. There is nothing as annoying as this but there is a fix for this.

All you need is to crush the powder in the pallet and spray alcohol on it. After drying up there you have your power back as new.

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