Steps to Getting the Right Fit for Female Underwear


Getting the perfect underwear size can be a herculean task most times for women as there a lot of factors you need to put into consideration.

Not having your perfect size might lead to non comfortability or irritation to the skin and might just be a waste of money since you wouldn’t enjoy the product.

So, it is important to pay a lot of attention to buying the perfect underwear just the same way you would give rapt attention to your regular clothing shopping.

This article discusses how to get your standard fit in terms of sizing, materials as well as what to watch out for in each underwear.

1 Measure your waist and hips.
 This two measurements are very important in determining your perfect size because it will serve as a guide to you.
Measure your natural waist as well as the fullest part of your hips.

Try to take the measurements twice to get a full confirmation just in case you did not get it right from the first attempt.

Waist and hip measurement

With this, you will be able to get your accurate size across various brands.

Below is a sizing information chart which you can use to get your accurate size for shopping.

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Under wear sizing chart

2 Double check the elasticity of the underwear waistband

After you must have gotten your right size of underwear, it is also necessary to consider some factors when shopping such as the elastic nature.
Ensure the elasticity of the underwear is very firm as you would not want to be pulling your underwear all day to keep it from sliding away from it’s normal position.

A Properly fitting waistbands should sit and be smooth against your hips.

3 Check for Butt Coverage : The coverage for your underwear should feel balanced and symmetrical, unless you’re wearing a style with little to no coverage like a thong or g-string.
It should feel comfortable and stay in place, no riding up or sagging.

4 Check the Leg openings : The leg openings in your underwear should be evenly arched from front to back and rest comfortably on your cheeks.
It should not be tight enough for the band to cause groove on skin.

5 Consider the crotch area : The crotch area shouldn’t have any excessive fabric in the back or front. It should fit comfortably on the body.

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6 Choose your underwear Fabric wisely

Most underwear do come in 3 major fabric types which are mainly cotton, synthetic(Nylon, lycra,spandex) and silk.
These fabrics are unique in their own way and can serve various purposes as you would like per time.

a) Cotton: if you are the type that looks for comfort at all times with your underwears, then cotton is your best bet.
Cotton fabric or material is very breathable and you won’t get sweaty with it as it does not trap moisture.

b) Synthetic: underwears in synthetic fabrics include the nylon, spandex and lycra specifications. These synthetic underwears are usually smooth under your clothing or outfits compared to the cotton spec and it gives a slimmer fit.

However, if you will be going for a synthetic underwear ensure that the crotch is lined with a cotton fabric for breathability and comfortability.

c) Silk: silky underwears usually have a lush feeling and smooth to the touch. They are the most comfortable and you can rely on then for your special occasion for a good feeling.

However, they do not breathe like cotton too, so to be more comfortable, ensure you get the silky body with the cotton crotch to avoid moisture been trapped on your underwear.

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