The most suitable musical instruments for children


The teaching of music in children occurs almost like a game. However, it represents a great stimulus to develop your skills and hone your abilities and sensitivity. In other words, playing a musical instrument has many benefits for children.

But how do you choose the most appropriate ones to start with? This article offers some clues. The guitar is attractive to the child and it is not expensive.

The battery offers more chances of play. The flute is of a manageable size. And the piano, although complicated, has advantages for learning in school.

Music is a tool, enriching the education of children. But, in addition, it can contribute to the good development and growth of the children.

Appropriate Instruments to start

However, not all instruments are created equal when it comes to fostering a child’s love of music. In the first place, the size of the instrument must be taken into consideration, which should be proportional to the size of the child.

Remember that when the child is very young, almost all instruments will be too big. Even when you are a certain age, you may not be very comfortable with a cello or a harp.

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But, in addition, there are some musical instruments that, due to their characteristics or their ease of learning, are more suitable for children.

The options are extensive, but here are four proposals for children to get started in the fascinating world of music.

1. The guitar: attractive and inexpensive

The guitar has the advantage of being very popular: many of the singers and leaders of the best-known rock and pop bands play the guitar. Also, it is not very expensive.

The downside is that it can be difficult for a child, especially in the beginning. Reaching for the strings and pressing them hard enough are not usually easy tasks for the little one.

Image of a guitar for kids

2. The drum set: more likely to play

Drums may seem difficult to teach children. However, it is a musical instrument that can begin to be learned from when the child is about five years old.

It allows more games and experiences more sounds than other musical instruments. Of course, the child doesn’t need to start practicing with a large drum kit, with many cymbals and drums: those adapted for children include fewer pieces.

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This instrument is a bit expensive and difficult to transport, although as it is disassembled it is much less so than the piano.

Image of a boy playing a drum set

3. Flute: a manageable size for the child

There are many types of flute, from the sweet to the transverse, of different prices and levels of difficulty for learning. In any case, one quality makes them very convenient: their size. They do not take up much space and are light and easy to transport.

As it is a wind instrument, it helps the child learn to control his breathing and the way of expelling the air.

Image of a schoolgirl playing flute

4. The piano: complicated but with advantages for learning

The piano is one of the most time-consuming musical instruments to master. Another aspect against its choice for children is the high price of the instrument and the large space it occupies. An alternative is to opt for an organ, which is much smaller and more portable (although it is not a piano).

The music schools teach to play the piano from age three and with simple exercises. With time, there will be time to make them more complex.

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Some studies assure that learning to play the piano at a preschool age helps the child to obtain good academic results. However, other scientists argue that more studies are needed in this regard.

Image of a little boy playing boy piano at home


Musical instruments: the child must experiment freely

When it comes to choosing one or another musical instrument for the child, the important thing is, in any case, to let the child try and experiment with them. The fondness for an instrument (and with it, for musical creation) can arise from a certain special sound.

In other cases, the child may discover that it is easier for him to handle a certain device. But the love of harmony can also arise in response to the child’s fascination with a certain artist. As much as possible, you should give yourself the freedom to choose the instrument of your choice, regardless of the financial aspect. Finally, no elder should try to impose his/her tastes, or expectations, or frustrated own desires on children’s choice

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