The top 5 blues music artists of all time


The blues is undoubtedly one of the oldest genres in circulation, able to serve as a valuable source of inspiration for many artists and bands of rock and roll and beyond. Its birth dates back to the 18th century or thereabouts.

It is characterized by a melancholy basic atmosphere, both in the sounds and in the themes dealt with by most of the blues singers.

Over the decades, its meaning has changed considerably, going beyond American borders. Let’s find out together the top 5 blues singers, also verifying their influence on subsequent generations. We will talk about five true geniuses, with extraordinary talent and personality to be kept as an absolute example.


We conclude with Stevie Ray Vaughan. he was an American guitarist, singer, and composer. Stevie was born in 1990 and die at the age of 35 following a helicopter accident. He is another valid exponent of the American blues, capable of learning to play without any theoretical knowledge and a perfect self-taught.

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He has only released four studio albums and one live album. But that is enough to count him among the geniuses of his industry. Among his most iconic songs, we remember Lenny and Texas Flood.

Stevie Ray Vaughan


Among the most popular modern blues singers, Eric Clapton is worth mention. Slowhand is regarded as an extraordinary guitarist and artist. He has played in numerous high-level groups, such as the YardbirdsCream and Derek, and the Dominos.

He has been able to range between numerous genres with skill and elegance, also resulting in rock and reggae. Despite a life of ups and downs, he is a universally recognized exceptional talent.

Eric Clapton


BB King belongs to an extraordinary class, perhaps the most famous blues artist of our time. After spending his youth in the cotton fields, he becomes passionate about music and records songs already at the age of 18. His famous Gibson Es-335 custom guitar is part of his myth and helps to make his sound elegant and clean.

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In his career, he has been able to alternate singing and guitar with his style, without any accompaniment. Among his best-known songs are Please Love Me and You Know I Love You.

BB Kings


Let’s move on with another of the most appreciated blues guitarists and singers in an absolute sense. Many consider Muddy Waters to be the founding father of the Chicago blues. He is recognized among the leading bluesmen of every era, capable of inspiring English beat music and bands of the calibre of the Yardbirds and the Rolling Stones.

Disappeared at the age of 70 in 1983, he composed the likes of I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man and She’s Nineteen Years Old. Whoever talks about the blues cannot fail to associate it with him.

Muddy Waters


The number 1 on the list is a blues singer with somewhat mysterious life. Robert Johnson was born in the Mississippi area in 1911, but there are doubts about that too.

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We have very few photos and testimonies of his existence, but we know how much his guitar technique has influenced entire generations and continues to do so. Many were inspired by his class, from Bob Dylan to Eric Clapton, from Jimi Hendrix to Led Zeppelin, without forgetting the Rolling Stones, the Allman Brothers, and Cream.

He died at the age of only 27. There are only 29 recordings credited to him, and they are enough to get him into the Rock Hall of Fame.

Robert Johnson

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