The ultimate guide to choosing the best lipstick for your skin tone

Deciding on what shade of lipstick best suits your makeup can be a bit confusing. Especially when you have many shades to choose from.

Your choice of lipstick should depend on the type of look you are going for and your complexion.

But understanding how color works can mean the difference between choosing the right lipstick color.

This article brings to you the perfect guide that will help you when selecting the best color to wear on your makeup. So keep reading to find out more.

How to find the right shade of lipstick

Before deciding on the right shade for you need to know what color best suits your type of makeup.

There are different types of makeup such as casual, bridal, engagement, work, neutral, night out makeup.

Trying to figure out what type of color best suits your look can be a bit confusing. Here are few tips you should take note of :

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Factors to consider when choosing the right lipstick

Determine what skin tone you fall into majorly there are 3 types of skin tone and they are (light, medium, and dark). If you are more of a lighter skin tone it is advisable to go for softer colors. Colors like light pink, coral peach, nude, and dusty red are the best pick. For medium skin tone Rose, berry, cherry red color lipsticks are best. While for dark skin tones brown, purple, plum, caramel, wine, and rusty red lipsticks are perfect.

Determine your skin undertone – for every skin tone there is always an undertone. We have 3 categories of undertones the cool, warm, and darker undertones. Lipstick will be chosen according to the best undertone that matches it.

Determine what shape of lips you have – this might sound bizarre but your shape of lips also tells what shade of lipstick is right for you. There are majorly three shapes of lips : the Top heavy, Bottom heavy, and Asymmetrical lips.

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Determine the exact size of your lips – different lips vary in different sizes. There is the very plum lips which are quite big and the thin lips which is a bit smaller. For plum lips go for colors darker shades and avoid shimmery and very bright lipstains. While for thin lips go for lighter shades.

Other factors to consider includes :-

  • Hair color
  • Eye color
  • Teeth color
Overhead view of lipsticks

Now that the factors to consider before choosing the right color for your lips has been known. it’s time to know the right color best for your makeup looks. Here’s a pictorial guide to help you with that.

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