Tips for taking care of your musical instruments


Anyone who already owns musical instruments, whether for hobby or profession, knows the importance of taking certain precautions. Those precautions always keep them looking new and, most importantly, with a long lifespan.

The accumulation of impurities harms the instruments, so cleaning to preserve them is very important. So, to learn how to take care of your musical instruments and keep them well-kept, we have some tips to help you.

Regularly take time out of your routine to sanitize your instrument. Not sure how to do it? Check out:

String instruments

For guitars, clean them with a dry cloth after use, especially on the strings, so that dust and grease do not accumulate. 

You should use products that are suitable for cleaning ropes and wood. Our tip is to take advantage of the moment of changing the string to do general cleaning.


Key instruments

For pianos that get out of tune frequently, the best option is to contact a professional for maintenance. However, after use, it is always recommended to wipe the outside with a dry cloth.

Wind instruments

Wind instruments, such as recorders and transverse flutes, should often be cleaned inside with a gauze pad after use. For the outside, a dry cloth can be used.

It is recommended that every three months, your instrument is disassembled and cleaned with non-corrosive or abrasive products.

Recorder & Recorder Kit

Percussion instruments

In general, take the same care as wiping a dry cloth daily. If it is possible to disassemble your instrument, as in the case of batteries, choose a spacious and airy environment for thorough cleaning. Remember not to use abrasive products. You can buy products like dish polishes for cleaning batteries.

Tip: Always wash your hands before playing. It may seem to overdo it, but it prevents your instrument from creating a sticky appearance and accumulating grease.

Mallet | tool | Britannica

Covers, bags, and cases

The concern of many musicians is that their instruments fall, scratch, and bump. To avoid these disasters, you can invest in a cover, bag, or case. Any of the three will also be essential to protect your instrument from environmental impurities and direct sunlight, but there are differences:

  • Covers: usually have a lower cost than the other options, as they do not have an internal lining against impacts. So, they are ideal for protecting your instrument from dust and facilitating transport.
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  • Bags: have more affordable prices than cases, as their inner lining is of foam. It is ideal for protecting the instrument on short trips, such as from home to a music school.
Crossrock Padded 3/4 Classical Guitar Bag - Black | Paul Bothner Music | Musical  instrument stores
  • Cases: the cases are perfect for storing your instrument in complete safety. It’s internal coating even protects against temperature and pressure variations. They usually have locks with passwords or keys for better instrument security. They are often used by those who travel long distances and make professional use of the instrument.
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To finish our care tips, we recommend that:

  1. Avoid your instrument coming into direct contact with the sun or being exposed to moisture or rain ;
  2. Be careful when handling it to avoid knocks or even unnecessary force;
  3. Don’t leave it unprotected in any corner of your home.
  4. Seek out a Luthier whenever your instrument exhibits any defect or noticeable difference in the sound produced or in its appearance.

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