Are you looking for useful tips on how to make your Body Perfume last longer on you, well keep reading to find out more. A person’s body perfume has a way of reflecting their true personality. The act of using perfume has been on for ages, it can be traced Back to the ancient Egyptians.

Even with all this the real struggle is how do you make your perfume last on you a lot longer?. Sometimes it is not until you spray out the whole bottle of perfume on your body that will determine if it will last long or not. All you need is for you to know the right way on how to use them

Why do people wear body perfumes

Source : unsplash

Back in the days people wear perfumes for different reasons known to them

  • To invoke the sexual desires from the opposite sex. When a Perfume in being inhaled it triggers the hormone responsible for it which is the pheromone.
  • This hormone is responsible for sending a particular signal to the brain which triggers the sexual appetite of the opposite sex.
  • People wear perfumes in other to smell good and boost their self confidence. When you don’t smell good your moral gets low
  • Perfumes have a way of connecting you to a particular memory. You tend to remember people faster by their body scent.
  • To some people they see wearing of perfume as a means of purifying themselves. When you smell nice it is assumed that you are clean not minding if the dress is actually dirty.
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Tips on how to make your perfume last longer

Tips on how to make your perfume last longer
Source : unsplash
  1. Ensure you don’t store or keep your perfume in a damp room eg your bathrooms. It reduces the potency and effects of the perfume due to humidity and dampness.
  2. Always ensure your body is clean before using your perfume. This will make it last more longer
  3. For a more better result use an oil base like Vaseline to make the scent last longer. The Vaseline can be applied to regions such as your arms, neck, back of the ears, wrist, elbows and other regions.
  4. In other to get a more long lasting result always apply your perfume on a damp skin. When you skin is still damp it allows your skin to absorb the perfume more and lock it up. But when you apply it on a dry skin it dries off much quickly and the scent also dissappears faster too
  5. After applying your perfume avoid rubbing it faster as it will make it fade much quickly too
  6. Always ensure you hold the bottle up away from your skin for better results. Ideally it is recommended that you should hold the bottle 3 – 5 inches away from your body before spraying.
  7. Ensure you know your perfume well. Not all perfumes are meant for the body.
  8. At any point when you feel you need to touch up your perfume do that. This will help you smell nice and fresh all day.
  9. I know a lot of people shake their perfume before spraying them,if your are part you should probably stop it. Shaking them will only create air bubbles in them with might reduce their potency. So you should probably avoid shaking your perfumes.
  10. It is advisable for you to always choose the right amount of spray. Too much of it might not be good for you
  11. If you wish to combine your perfumes, ensure you perform a spray test on a piece of paper. This will help you in knowing if it would be nice or not. Do not just spray directly on your skin.
  12. You can spray little amounts of perfume into your hair for a more long lasting result.
  13. When dealing with perfume oils apply directly on your skin and not on the clothes as some can stain the fabric.
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The right place to spray your body perfume

The right way to apply your perfume
Source : unsplash

It is much advisable that you apply your perfume in points where blood vessels are much more closest to the skin. Areas such as :

  • Inner wrists
  • Base of the throat
  • Behind ear lobes
  • Around the cleavage area
  • Behind knees
  • Inner elbows

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