Tips on ways not to study music for music students


There are lists of mistakes that many music students have made these days that even make them want to give up learning to play an instrument or study singing.

In this article, we brought here 5 tips on ways not to study music. With these tips we want to make you aware, showing the errors and how to correct them to get to where you wanted. Let’s go!

1. Bring together several courses and study them all at once

There’s nothing more destructive to your music learning than getting bogged down in music courses.

Nowadays, with the facilities that the internet brings, there are courses and classes everywhere. And here the student is lost with so much content.

There are reports of music students who are simply stagnant just doing “collection of courses” or classes. Instead of being productive with their studies they are there deciding which class to attend, which course or course content to access now.

The tip: just focus on one course (or two at the most, just for a reference). With this, you eliminate the tension when studying and not leave your brain confused with so much content.

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2. Learning a musical instrument that is not what you like

You may not yet have identified with the right instrument, or you may be pressured by friends and family to study a particular instrument. It doesn’t matter; the fact is that studying an instrument that is not what you like turns you off.

As time goes by, you will feel unmotivated, believing that this was not for you.

In reality, it’s not that the music isn’t for you; it could be that you picked the wrong instrument. Many times, especially for beginners, you may not progress because of this.

But how do I know the ideal instrument for me?

Here it is important to see your musical tastes, your personality, whether you prefer stringed, teak, percussive, etc. instruments. There are many possibilities in the music world.

You can also try out different musical instruments in a store and see which one appeals to you the most.

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3. Study when you are not well or very sleepy

 Are you sick? Fell so sleepy? So this is not a good time to study. Try to solve this first and then start studying.

When your body is not, then you cannot do well in any kind of study.

And if you’re always sleepy when you study, make sure you don’t have bad sleep habits. Also make sure you’re not studying a lot of theory without practice, because you can get bored when you study too much without getting your hands on the instrument. It’s important to have a balance.

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4. Not being motivated and always demanding

Another tip on how not to study music is to put yourself down. Admittedly, we want to play that favorite song on the instrument as soon as possible and show it to friends and family, but the process requires dedication, focus, and persistence.

Always be in touch with music:

– Watch videos of people playing the same instrument as you;

– See covers;

– Read books;

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– Make it a habit to always leave the instrument near you;

– Wake up and enjoy your instrument in the morning;

– Anyway, fall in love with being in contact with music and making music.

All of this is important for you to continue with this passion for learning to play, which is a fantastic experience.

But never cover yourself too much, just enough to keep you always active in your learning.

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5. Study songs you don’t like

And what about music classes where the teacher chooses the song to study? So he/she chooses other music genres when you like the blues? 

There’s nothing worse than being “forced” to learn a song or musical style you don’t like. This is another way not to study music. 

Finally, these tips on how not to study music are intended to wake you up, make you get up and go on your musical journey, just identifying things that get in the way and eliminating or solving them.

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