Urinary tract infection ( toilet infection)
Infection is one of the diseases commonly found among the living organisms which is caused by invasion and multiplication of micro organisms which are bacteria, viruses and parasites that are not present within the body.
Infections, if not treated early can be harmful to the body. There are quite a numbers of infections, but the most common ones are: flu, strep throat, sexually transmitted disease, stomach virus, urinary tract infection.
But we would focus on the urinary tract infection.

Urinary tract infection is an infection usually caused by microbes, microbes are organisms that are usually too small to seen with the naked eyes except microscope and they are mostly caused by bacteria, fungi and sometimes viruses.
UTI symptoms include: burning with urination and also increased frequency of urination without passing much urine.

  • increased urgency of urination;
  • strong odour urine;
  • pelvic pain in women; and
  • rectal pain in men.
    If UTIs is not taken care of early, it affects the kidney and can be life threatening if the bacteria move from the infected kidney into the blood. This condition is called, UROSEPSIS, and it can cause shock, low blood pressure & death.
    Few ways to prevent UTI infection according to https://www.webmd.com/women/guide/avoid-uti :
  • drink lots of water;
  • wipe from front to back after you use the toilet, always keep the toilet clean;
  • empty your bladder whenever you feel you need to pee; and
  • keep your genital area dry by wearing cotton under wear and loose fitting clothes.
    When one start seeing these symptoms, it is advised to see a doctor immediately though.
    UTIs caused by bacteria are mostly treated with antibiotics

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