High-speed trains are popular. Millions of passengers are won over by their speed, comfort, and aesthetics too. 

An undoubting fact here is that it is in Asia and Europe that they reach the most impressive velocities. I guess we all know why that is.

10. Thalys: 300 km / h

This train offers daily connections between Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and Cologne. The Thalys is one of the most important train lines for both business travelers and tourists.

9. Eurostar e320: 320 km / h

Named for the maximum speed it can reach, the Eurostar e320 reaches 20 km / h more than the previous Eurostar (e300).

Thus, can reduce the journey between Brussels, Paris, and London by 15 minutes (Amsterdam will be added later this year) which takes about two hours.

8. Korail KTX: 330 km / h

This train from South Korea is one of the fastest. 

Its most recent route, connecting Incheaon International Airport in the west to the coastal city of Gangneung in the east (with a stop in Seoul), was inaugurated for the 2018 Winter Olympics. ‘get to the PyeongChang ski mountains in under two hours compared to six hours for a conventional train.

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7. DeutscheBahn ICE: 330 km / h

With its futuristic allure, Germany’s fastest train does not go unnoticed in the bucolic landscapes of the German countryside, especially on the new route between Berlin and Munich.

6- Haramain: 350 km / h

The Haramain connects the 450 km between the main holy cities of Saudi Arabia. 

Its respective trips take two and a half hours compared to five hours by car. Speed ​​is not the only reason for its activation. 

This train is useful not only because of its speed but also because it allows transporting three million passengers annually, in particular for the pilgrimage in the various holy places of the country.

5- Renfe AVE: 350 km / h

The fastest train in Spain is the Siemens Velaro E. He travels long distances in major cities across the country and elsewhere. 

In particular, he made the trip between Barcelona and Paris in six hours.

4- Italo and Frecciarossa: 350 km / h

Train operators NTV and Trenitalia have launched their own high-speed trains that connect Milan to Florence or Rome in less than three hours. 


A new route was added with Perugia, nicknamed the Red Arrow.

The Frecciarossa was unveiled at the Milan World’s Fair in 2015. Its speed is as remarkable as its construction. Its components are sustainable and almost 100% renewable.

3- Shinkansen H5 and E5: 360 km / h

Japan this year celebrated the 54th anniversary of the launch of its high-speed trains. 

It was in 1964 that the Hikari made its first trip between Tokyo and Osaka, reducing the train journey between the two cities from seven to four hours. 

Tohoku’s Shinkansen H5 and Hokkaido’s E5 are among the most recent super-high-speed trains to run in Japan.

2- Fuxing Hao CR400AF / BF: 400 km / h

Also known as the Renaissance, the Fuxing is the new generation of high-speed trains developed by China. 

The AF and BF take less than five hours to transport 556 passengers between Beijing South and Shanghai-Hongqiao Station, cutting in half the conventional ten-hour journey that other trains normally take.

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1- Shanghai Maglev: 430 km / h

It is not the most recent, but it is currently the fastest in the world. 

The Shanghai Maglev connects Pudong International Airport to the entrance to downtown Shanghai, 30 km, in just seven minutes. 

This train uses magnetic forces to move. It is therefore not in contact with the rails. 

This electromagnetic levitation process thus eliminates rolling resistance and achieves higher speeds. To experience its top speed of 431 km / h, you will have to pay US $8 per person for a trip.

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