Top 10 Weird Food Combinations Nigerians Eat


As Nigerians, i know we love to explore on different food combinations but there are just some certain people who just go the extra mile.

Sometimes ago, i was discussing with a cousin of mine about different weird food combinations. My eyes almost popped out of my sockets when he said he had tried out bread and toothpaste!!! And i was wondering why he decided to try kill himself in the name of trying something new…….LoL

Below are the top 10 bizzare food combination’s that i’ve heard and seen.

1. Roasted Plantain, Fish, Chopped Boiled Egg soaked in Red oil

Roasted Plantain, Fish, Chopped Boiled Egg soaked in Red oil

Kilode now………..what hapun, what haappuunn!!
This dish looks like it was specially and specifically prepared just for Sango to consume…lol

2. Beans, Advocado, Cocoyam and Palm Oil

Beans, Advocado, Cocoyam and Palm Oil


This actually looks like something ready to be used to appease the gods at a t-junction.
Nigerians and weird combo’s sha.

3. Bread and Toothpaste

Bread and Toothpaste

Ko ye mi o(i don’t understand o)

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Is the toothpaste suppose to serve as butter, jam or Mayonnaise?

4. Bread and Okra

Bread and Okra

This combination weak me biko. Is it that the okra would serve as egg sauce or what? I think we need to start empathizing with our stomachs.

5. Beans and Eba/Fufu

Beans and Eba

I heard some people enjoy their mouth watering beans alongside with eba/fufu.

They make the beans watery so it can be as good as soup which i know can never be. What happened to egusi soup and the likes mbok?🙄

6. Ofada Rice, Vegetable Sause, Bananas and Boiled Eggs

Ofada Rice, Vegetable Sause, Bananas and Boiled Eggs

FOOD POLICCCEEEE!!!😫 Where are thou? Because some people really need to be arrested. What’s up with the 2 different kinds of veggie soup?

To me this person is really trying to commit suicide with this combo or what do you think guys?🤷🏽

7. Yam and Rice

Yam and Rice

Okay this has gotten out of hand. How in the world would anybody in the right frame of mind just decide to eat this for goodness sake.

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Saboda mene🤷🏽(because of what)……how does it even taste sef?

Well, this is creative but looks very constipating.

8. Rice and Okra

Rice and Okra

When i was younger my dad decided to prepare launch for me and my big bro and lo and behold it was RICE & OKRA!(yuck).

In my mind i was like “Is daddy trying to kill us ni because mummy is not around?”. I eventually told him i wasn’t going to eat the yamma yamma food.

This combo is a no no for me please.

9. Concussion Rice, Tomato Sauce, Banana and Boiled Egg

Concussion Rice, Tomato Sauce, Banana and Boiled Egg

Eating this means there is no joy in ones heart. Ki le leyi nitori Olorun?(What is this for God’s sake?).
Trust me this ain’t inviting at all.

10. Bread and Pap

Bread and Pap

On my way to work yesterday, i bumped into a man devouring bread and pap with utmost satisfaction and the first thing that came to my mind was “Baba se e gbadun sha?” (baba are you normal?)


To make the matter extremely worse, he did not even use milk.

Ijekuje le leyi nowww!!!(This is nonsense now)

I’m curious to know about your escapades on some of the weirdest foods you’ve come across or tasted.

Please feel free to let me know in the comment section below.

6 thoughts on “Top 10 Weird Food Combinations Nigerians Eat

  1. I’ve tried out no.5 once but no.10 numerous times, in fact, I must confess no .10 is sweet to have if only the pap is prepared with it’s own water sauce and enough sugar though.
    But all in all, it’s all weird to have any of these combo, it not palatable and the FACT is, it’s not healthy at all.

  2. Oh my God🤢🤤

    Which kind combo be this

    😂😂 maybe I should try bread and toothpaste for my in-laws.😝

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