Street Foods are foods that are sold on the streets. They are cheap, common and delicious meals which can be easily bought when hungry.
Take a ride with me and let’s know which of these you love most?

1. Roasted yam and palm oil sauce

It is the most sought-after street food in Nigeria. It is mostly prepared by female vendors and can be seen at every corner in Nigeria.

The interesting part is that it is infilling.

2. Akara

Akara can be complemented with different foods such as pap, bread and the likes. Akara is a deep fried ball that is prepared with peeled and grounded beans. It can be fried with either palm oil or groundnut oil.

3. Suya:

Suya is also a food that has been tested and trusted by all. Suya is mostly made from meat of any kind e.g, beef, chicken, turkey and other meats.
It can also be complemented with garri or drinks of ones choice.

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4. Puff puff:

It is rare to get to a junction or street without seeing a Puff puff vendor. It is another popular street food prepared with flour and some other ingredients. It can also be complemented with beverages, drinks and others.

5. Roasted corn:

It is a seasonal street food. And mostly sought after too. It is sold at the junctions and streets in Nigeria .
It can either be roasted or boiled, it is also best complemented with beans.

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