Ibadan is the third largest city in Nigeria after Lagos and Kano. As at the time of Nigeria’s independence in 1960, Ibadan was the largest and most populous city in the country, and the second most populous in Africa behind Cairo.
Ibadan has a unique identity of being the ‘pacesetter’ for the country establishing several firsts including the first University, first TV station and first skyscraper, has led to rapid urbanization and growth.This town blends old world charm and modern attractions to give you a quaint relaxing atmosphere Here are a few places you can go just to unwind, relax, have fun;

5. Mapo hall

Mapo Hall is one of the oldest buildings in Nigeria located in Ibadan, Oyo State. Mapo Hall is a colonial building and it is the official City hall of Ibadan and Oyo state.It was built in October 5, 1929.. It is notable as a center for social events in Ibadan in recent times,it was built by Engineer Robert Taffy Jones in October 5, 1929.Mapo Hall is a colonial styled building located atop Mapo hill in Ibadan, Nigeria. It is said that no political rally is complete without a stop at Mapo hall.

Interior view of mapo hall

The heart of the indigenous section of Ibadan, first settled in 1829 by warrior refugees fleeing the ravages of the Fulani wars in the guinea savanna. Mapo Hill was an obvious strategic position for military defensive purposes because it gives a view of the surrounding country for miles around.One of the famous Hills that made up the geographical location is the Oke Mapo. From the hills, you will have a vantage view of the entire Ibadan. This place is strategically chosen during battles because it gives a view of the entire city. So that warriors can easily sight any attacking army.

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Mapo hall
Frontal view of mapo hall

4.IITA forest reserve

IITA forest reserve

Embalmed with the pleasant fragrance of nature on every side, the institute provides a haven for tourists and nature lovers to explore the different effects nature has on our environment, our food and other animals. Over 450 different plants, 272 birds, 236 butterflies, 48 mammals and 28 reptiles and amphibians have been recorded and many more await discovery. 

IITA Ibadan is a favourite destination for bird watchers and home to the Ibadan Bird Club, one of several bird-related activities organised by the Forest Unit’s.

3.Bower’s tower

Bower’s Tower can be seen at the top of Oke-Are in Ibadan. It is an historic monument put up to honour Captain Robert Lister Bower in 1936 – he was the first British Resident in Ibadan, and appointed by the British government to administer the ancient city, which he did between 1893 and 1897.It has over 60 feet tall tower located on the hill top of Oke Are in Igbo Agala (Agala forest) area of Ibadan,the Bower’s tower is the highest hilltop in the city and it has about 47 spiral staircases. It is not only ancient but unique as it offers a panoramic view of the whole city from the top.

Panoramic view of ibadan from the Bower’s tower

From the summit of the tower, you can see Ibadan round about sprawling before you and appreciate the pre-historicity of the town. The Bower Tower is someplace to check out if you happen to be in Ibadan.

The Bower’s tower


2.Agodi gardens

Agodi garden has a large park filled with lovely shrubs and flowers and a lake where one can go boat cruising. There is also a swimming pool, a restaurant, play areas for kids and a mini zoo. At Agodi Gardens, fun lovers and tourists can enjoy picnic under the beautiful tropical trees.

You can also organize various outdoor and social gatherings.The kids are not left out as there are children’s facilities like the swimming pool with inflated balloons. There is also a top-class restaurant is available to cater for your food cravings

Agodi gardens

1.Ilaji hotels farms and resort

Ilaji Hotel and sports resort is a state of the art hotel and sporting facility that seats on a vast 212 acres of land bringing light and life to the Akanran community.
With the warmest of welcomes, exciting activities, great people and a relaxed atmosphere, the resort welcomes you to a whole new world away from home to a world class facilities, a standard football field, tennis courts, swimming pool, restaurant,farm and outdoor lounge.

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sport facilities at Ilaji resort

it is perfect getaway for a world class hotel and sport resort.ilaji hotels and resort introduce you to the true taste of serenity, relaxation, a world of amenities. ilaji resort offers a standard room to the deluxe and a executive room, with a range of services at the best prices.All room rates include Complimentary breakfast, access to all sporting facilities, gym and swiming pool, With the warmest of welcomes, exciting activities, great people and a relaxed atmosphere come and experience our piece of paradise.

Ilaji hotel and sports resorts is home to 2 conference spaces; an indoor mini conference room with the 50-100 people capacity and an outdoor Terence conference area with a breathtaking view and a 25- 50 people capacity.
Ilaji Hotel and Sports Resort is deliberately crafted to serve as heaven for those who earnestly desire an awesome getaway from the maddening crowd to a blissful environment with facilities and service honed so well that can make guests to temporarily forget that they are in this part of the earth.

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