Top 5 trending uncommon owanbe dishes


The Nigeria owanbe party food have taken a new turn around and trend, most foods eaten locally which are sometimes not considered for parties have been served during wedding parties and other owanbe parties.

Here is a list of Top 5 trending uncommon owanbe dishes that would never have been on the menu list years back.

1) Garri
2) Ofada & Ayamse sauce
3) Moi Moi
4) Ewa agoyin & Bread
5) Ikokore

Garri- the legendary meal mostly considered food eaten at home and also food for the poor, the interesting part is that most Nigerian enjoy the legendary soaked garri ceral. The garri cereal is now served at parties, though people find it funny drinking garri at a party but the truth is that you won’t want to miss it with different compliments it come with that makes it tasty and refreshing apart from the normal sugar and groundnut we know e.g fried fish, moi moi, beans e.t.c

Garri- and compliments

Ofada rice & Ayamse sauce: – is one of the legend food too, it is a local rice grown in ogun state, Ofada is a meal that is enjoyed by all as it contains less of starch but it is not cooked by all homes because of its uniqueness and taste, the Ofada is best enjoyed with the sauce which is accompined with alot of compliments such as beef, chicken, fish e.t.c. it is mostly served in Nigeria parties, the interesting part of it is that some people serve it inside leafs which also makes it unique.

Ofada with well garnished sauce

Moi Moi:- it is also a popular Nigeria local dish which is made from peeled beans through steaming and can also be garnished with fish, egg, beef e.t.c it can also go along with some meals or compliment such as bread, garri, rice e.t.c
Serving moi-moi in parties is so attractive most especially when served in a leaf and delicious, in some parties it is served with jollof rice, fried rice and chicken, which makes it so appetizing

Well garnished moimoi

Ewa agoyin & bread:- seeing ewa agoyin served in parties is really interesting, what makes ewa agoyin special is because of the sauce, because the making is special and unique, the sauce makes it special from the normal beans cooked in every homes.
Most people go for ewa agoyin and bread when served in parties because it is not a common food like rice and the likes

Ewa agoyin with sauce

Ikokore( water yam pottage):- though not everyone likes water yam pottage because it’s mostly eaten by the ijebu people and few others, but it is now served in most owanbe parties because of its peculiarity. Water yam Pottage is mostly garnished with stock fish, shaki( towel), ponmo, crayfish e.t.c which adds to it’s sweetness and it is mostly complimented with fish, beef, chicken e.t.c

Well garnished ikokore

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